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8 Slots Cast Iron Brake Disc 410*36mm Floating Center For Audi RS6

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Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: 410*36mm
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Factory direct price
Packaging Details: 40*40*30cm
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,paypal
Supply Ability: 99set

Detail Information

Product Name: Cast Iron Brake Disc Disc Material: Gray Cast
Disc Size: 410*36mm Center Cap Material: 6061/7075 Alloy
Bell Design: Brembo Floating Bell Wheel Size: Rim 21
Application: Auto Brake Disc Design: 8 Slots
High Light:

8 Slots Cast Iron Brake Disc


Audi RS6 Cast Iron Brake Disc

Product Description

Cast Iron Brake Disc 410*36mm Slot Disc Floating Center For Audi RS6


The wear limit of automobile brake disc is marked on the surface or edge of the brake disc. Three small pits will be evenly distributed on the disc surface, and the depth of each pit is about 1.5mm. When the total wear depth of both sides of the brake disc reaches 3mm, that is, the small pits are quasi leveled or completely leveled, and the brake disc is close to the wear limit, it is recommended to replace the brake disc at this time. In addition, there is the minimum thickness data at the edge of the brake disc. When the thickness of the worn brake disc is close to the minimum thickness data, the brake disc should be replaced immediately.


In addition to judging whether the brake disc needs to be replaced by looking at the wear limit mark of the brake disc, we can also judge by listening to the brake sound. If there is a "silky sound" or "howling" when braking gently, it indicates that the brake system needs to be checked. It may be that the brake pad is worn to the limit or the brake disc is worn by metal hard objects (in this case, it is recommended to replace the brake disc).


In addition, when the brake disc fails or is excessively worn, a warning light will appear on the instrument panel of the car. When the warning light is on, the braking performance decreases and the brake disc approaches the wear limit, affecting driving safety. Of course, there may also be an error in the warning light, so when the warning light appears, you can check the braking system first. If there are no above problems, you can restore it by initializing the driving computer


The difference between integrated brake disc and split brake disc. The split disc is developed on the basis of the integrated disc. The middle joint made of aluminum alloy is connected with the butterfly ring through screws.


Advantages: ① the middle connecting part of the split disc is made of 6061 or 7075 aviation aluminum alloy, with high strength, light weight and fast heat dissipation. ② The disc with this structure can only replace the disc ring, and the middle joint can be replaced without replacement, which is more conducive to the maintenance of the brake.


Disadvantages: this structure also has a little defect, that is, the screw connecting the disc and the central structure may loosen or deform if it is braked for a long time or vigorously. It needs to be checked frequently. If there are signs of loosening, it needs to be replaced and maintained.


The material of cast iron brake disc adopts China's gray cast iron 250 standard, referred to as HT250, which is equivalent to the American G3000 standard. Mechanical property requirements: tensile strength > 21on / mm2, hardness: 187 ∽ 241.


Carbon ceramic brake disc is a reinforced composite ceramic synthesized by carbon fiber and silicon carbide at 1700 degrees. Its weight is only 3 / 1 of that of ordinary cast iron disc, making the brake system lighter and more sensitive. At the same time, its heat-resistant effect is much higher than that of ordinary brake discs, and its heat attenuation resistance is strong. It is generally matched with super running and high-performance models.


Product name Auto Brake Disc rotor
Brake Disc Size 410*36mm
Bracket for caliper model For Ap8520
Center Cap Design Brembo Floating center bell
Disc Design J hook Disc


8 Slots Cast Iron Brake Disc 410*36mm Floating Center For Audi RS6 08 Slots Cast Iron Brake Disc 410*36mm Floating Center For Audi RS6 18 Slots Cast Iron Brake Disc 410*36mm Floating Center For Audi RS6 2

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