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Rear Cast Iron Brake Disc 355*22 Drilled Slot For Volkswagen Golf 7R

Product Details:
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: 355*22mm
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Factory direct price
Packaging Details: 40*40*20cm
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,paypal
Supply Ability: 99pair

Detail Information

Product Name: Rear Cast Iron Brake Disc Disc Size: 355*22mm
Disc Material: Gray Iron Fit For: 19 Inch
Type: Drilled Slotted Car Model: Volkswagen Golf 7R
Fit For Wheel: Rear Application: OEM Brake Caliper
High Light:

Rear Cast Iron Brake Disc


Volkswagen Cast Iron Brake Disc

Product Description

Rear Cast Iron Brake Disc 355*22 Drilled Slot For Volkswagen Golf 7R


1. Can the car brake disc be enlarged

Large brake discs can be modified.

Lacrosse brake disc can be enlarged. If the brake disc with larger size is replaced, the whole brake system needs to be replaced to ensure that the braking performance can be brought into full play after modification. Lacrosse brake disc has no specific replacement cycle. When the vehicle mileage reaches 100000 km, check the brake disc of the vehicle. If it is damaged or worn to the limit, it shall be replaced in time. Replacement steps of brake disc:


1. Check the wear degree of brake disc. During normal maintenance, it is not necessary to replace the brake disc. Judge whether to replace the brake disc according to the actual situation. The brake disc has a notch of more than 3mm and can be replaced.


2. Remove the front tire. To replace the brake disc, remove both front tires. You can see that the disc is the car brake disc.


3. Remove and fix the brake caliper screws. The brake disc is installed on the front wheel bearing and fixed by brake caliper outside. Remove the two 18 screws on the wrong Brake and remove the brake caliper. Because there is an oil pipe connection on the brake caliper, put it down slowly to prevent the oil pipe from breaking.


4. Remove the old brake disc. The old brake disc is installed on the front wheel bearing, which will rust the bearing and brake disc. At this time, you can tap from the back of the brake disc with a hammer and turn the brake disc while knocking, so that you can tap on all sides of the brake disc. After a few taps, you can remove the old brake disc.


5. Install new brake disc. After aligning the hole of the new brake disc with the hole on the bearing, gently tap the inner side of the brake disc with a hammer to completely fix it on the bearing;


6. Install the brake caliper. Install the brake caliper in the original position, tighten the two fixing screws, and use the rotating bearing to observe whether there is abnormal noise during rotation.


2. How many millimeters is the wear limit of automobile brake disc?

Automobile brake disc wear limit:


1. The abnormal sound of metal friction occurs during braking. Because the new raw material structure is mostly iron, the car is not used for a long time, or it is easy to rust and age when braking in cloudy and rainy weather. Stepping on the brake at this time will be accompanied by a sound similar to metal friction. If this harsh sound still exists after knowing for a period of time, it indicates that the brake pad has exceeded the limit, and the limit signs on both sides have directly rubbed the brake disc, At this time, the brake pad must be replaced immediately;


2. Check the thickness wear of the brake pad. Generally, the thickness of the new brake pad is about 1.5cm. With the gradual thinning of the brake pad thickness, the braking performance will also decline significantly. When the brake pads are worn to only 0.5cm, you need to remind yourself to check them often. If the brake line is strange to only 0.3cm, you must replace it in time. This is the extreme moment when the brake pad is most afraid of replacement, and there may be brake failure;


3. It takes more than two years to brake. When the brake pads are wrapped, there will be a feeling of blockage on both sides of the car's brake pads. The braking becomes slow. We need to step on the brake harder to achieve the previous braking effect. If you find that the brake becomes soft when you step on the brake, the braking distance becomes longer, and you can't stop, you should check whether the brake pads need to be replaced, It should be noted that if you are a novice or often drive in the urban area, the wear degree of the brake pads should be higher or faster, and you must check them in time.


Product parameter


Product Name Rear Cast Iron Brake Disc
Disc Size 355*22mm
Type Drilled Slotted Disc
Fit For 19 inch
Car model Volkswagen Golf 7R
Quality High performance
Application OEM Brake caliper


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Rear Cast Iron Brake Disc 355*22 Drilled Slot For Volkswagen Golf 7R 0Rear Cast Iron Brake Disc 355*22 Drilled Slot For Volkswagen Golf 7R 1Rear Cast Iron Brake Disc 355*22 Drilled Slot For Volkswagen Golf 7R 2

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