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Honda S2000 Cast Iron Brake Disc 330*12mm Rear Oversized Rotor

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: JK33012
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Factory price
Packaging Details: Box Size 45*45*45cm
Delivery Time: 5-7 days
Payment Terms: Western Union/Paypal
Supply Ability: 600 sets Every Month

Detail Information

Item Name: Cast Iron Brake Disc Application: For Car Brake
Rotor Size: 330*12mm Fit Wheel: Rear Wheel Rim 17
Center Cap Bracket Material: Aluminum Color: Gold
Center Hat Type: Round
High Light:

Honda S2000 Cast Iron Brake Disc


330x12mm Rotor Cast Iron Brake Disc


J hook Cast Iron Brake Disc

Product Description

Cast Iron Brake Disc 330*12mm Rear Oversized Rotor For Honda S2000


What are the components in the brake system? Brake pads and discs are the main. The brake disc is a very important part of the brake system. The brake system uses calipers to grasp the brake disc to brake. The brake disc will be worn after working for a long time. It is a vulnerable part and needs to be replaced regularly. Failure to replace will have serious consequences, such as brake disc fracture


We can make oversized cast iron brake disc for Honda S2000 andf more other car model

Generally it can change bigger size disc if rear no hangbrake drum. We call is electronic handbrake

You can choose disc design and disc bell color. And we can laser print your logo on the center bell

Any question just send us inquiry



How often do Cast Iron Brake Disc change - change cycle


The service time of the brake disc is not mandatory, but determined according to personal driving road conditions, driving frequency and driving habits. Everyone is different. You may have heard that someone has changed it after 50000 or 60000 kilometers, and that someone has not changed it after 100000 or even 150000 kilometers. This is not the only combination of various factors. But there is also an estimated time. Generally, the brake pads need to be replaced after 30000-40000 km, and the brake discs need to be replaced after 70000 km. The service time of the brake pads is relatively short. Generally, the brake discs of the car are replaced after twice, and the rear brakes need to be replaced after 80000-100000 km. In fact, it can be judged how long the brake discs need to be replaced.


The reason why many people ask such questions is that they are afraid of being cheated when they go to the 4S store or other maintenance stores. I have seen people drive 20000 kilometers, and they just run around the city and the highway. As a result, they are told that they need to be replaced at the 4S store. This phenomenon is deceptive to normal people, and I think so, but special circumstances may exist, I don't define it. I know everything by checking. In fact, there are two data on the brake disc, one is the thickness of the new disc, and the other is the thickness limit after use. If it is lower than that limit, it should be replaced.


Due to the different driving habits of everyone, the brake discs and brake pads are used differently. The European standard is that the brake discs are worn for 2mm or 50000-60000km and need to be replaced. There are also deformed brake discs, but there are no hard and fast regulations in China. In fact, brake discs and brake pads are an important work that must be checked before driving. Some 4S stores are really responsible and can remind you that the brake discs need to be replaced. If the light braking is accompanied by the "iron rubbing iron" or roaring sound (it may also be the effect of the running in of the brake pad at the beginning of installation), the brake pad must be replaced immediately.


How to maintain the cast iron brake disc?


1. Protect the brake disc when washing the car


When preparing to wash the car, it is recommended to let the car cool down naturally, and then wash the car for maintenance. Generally speaking, with such hard materials as brake discs, how can car washing hurt the brake discs? In fact, in our daily brake use, the brake disc will generate a lot of heat due to vehicle deceleration friction, and the temperature will be very high. If you wash the car at this time and the brake disc has not had time to cool down, cold water will be sprayed on the brake disc. Thermal expansion and contraction will distort the steel brake disc, and serious cracks will appear.


2. Minimize brake disc wear


Although the loss of the brake disc is slower than that of the brake pad, the technicians in general car stores will only prompt to replace the brake pad and brake oil, but the brake disc will wear after a certain service mileage (reference, picture and inquiry). The surface of the brake disc is uneven or the thickness of the brake disc does not meet the standard, which will seriously affect the braking performance in the long run.


3. Avoid abnormal brake noise


Competitive level brake pads are suitable for long-term extreme high temperature conditions. Because of different material formulas and use conditions, it is normal to "hiss". However, attention should be paid to the "hissing" brake noise of ordinary civil vehicles. The owner shall pay attention to cleaning the brake pads and brake discs to reduce foreign matters entering the brake system, and replace the qualified brake pads.


The most common condition of the brake system is wear. Pay attention to this. Of course, not all brake discs have wear indicators. We can use our fingers to touch the outer edge of the disc to judge the approximate depth. Generally speaking, if the total wear depth of both sides of the brake disc reaches 3mm, the brake disc should be replaced in time. In addition, when the brake discs (drums) on both sides use different brands and specifications, the friction effects are different, resulting in different braking effects on both sides, which will lead to the adverse consequences of brake deviation, poor braking effect and long braking distance. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the coaxial brake pads (shoes) on both sides at the same time to ensure the same braking effect


Product name Cast Iron Brake Disc
Brake Disc Size 330*12mm
Disc design J hook disc
Disc Bell design Round
Bell color Gold
For Car model Honda S2000
Rim wheel  17 inch rear wheel


Honda S2000 Cast Iron Brake Disc 330*12mm Rear Oversized Rotor 0Honda S2000 Cast Iron Brake Disc 330*12mm Rear Oversized Rotor 1Honda S2000 Cast Iron Brake Disc 330*12mm Rear Oversized Rotor 2

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