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J Hook Floating Big Cast Iron Brake Disc Rotor 410x36mm

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: JK410*36
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pair
Price: Factory Price
Packaging Details: Box Size 45*45*25cm
Delivery Time: 5-7 days
Payment Terms: Western Union,Paypal, T/T
Supply Ability: 600 sets Per Month

Detail Information

Item Name: Disc Brake Disc Design: J Hook
Disc Size: 410*36mm Fit Wheel: Rim 18 Inch
Disc Material: Grey Cast Iron HT250 Disc Hole: 24 Holes
Fit Caliper: GT4 Center Cap Design: Floating
High Light:

J Hook Cast Iron Brake Disc


Cast Iron Brake Disc 410x36mm


J Hook Big Brake Rotor

Product Description

Jekit Big Brake Rotor 410x36mm J Hook Floating Cast Iron Brake Disc


410*36mm Disc Data

Locating Ring=223mm


Disc Area=72mm

Hole Diameter=9mm


We can offer you 410*36mm for different car model. Generally. if only need disc center bell. Customer need to tell what disc diameter/thickness

What caliper will use and DIsc Height. Then we can make custom bell according request


The pattern of brake disc is not made for beauty, and the pattern is also one of the performance indexes of brake disc. Under the working state, the brake disc and the brake skin will grind out powdery debris, and a layer of gas will be generated between them due to the gasification of the material and attached to the surface of the brake disc. There is a layer of impurities between the disc and the skin, which will have a certain impact on the braking efficiency. At this time, if the pattern is engraved on the surface of the brake disc, the debris and gas can be scraped into the groove of the pattern and taken away with the rotation of the brake disc.


Although there are many kinds of patterns, they can generally be divided into perforated discs and scribed discs. Brake discs with different patterns also have their own unique advantages. Perforated disc can reduce weight, speed up heat dissipation and clean dust through small holes. Although it is a perforated or other patterned disc, its special design can ensure better heat dissipation than the standard brake disc. However, during braking, the heat dissipation capacity of perforated discs is higher than that of other discs.


Grooved disc can improve friction performance, reduce weight and clean dust. Moreover, under the same extreme conditions, the mechanical strength of the scribed disc will be higher than that of the perforated disc. The small hole of the perforated disc destroys the integrity of the brake disc and affects the mechanical hardness of the brake disc. Therefore, the probability of cracks in perforated discs is higher than that in scribed discs. Moreover, the grooved disc has a warning function. When the pattern is ground flat, it's time to replace the brake disc, which can't be done by the perforated disc.


How often (how many kilometers) do you change the brake disc

The maximum wear limit of the brake disc is 2mm. It is necessary to replace the new brake disc after the limit is applied.
However, in practice, most car owners do not strictly implement this specification. In fact, how often (how many kilometers) to change the brake disc, the change frequency should be measured according to personal driving habits


1. Look at the replacement frequency of brake pads
If the replacement frequency of the brake pad is very high, check the thickness of the brake disc more, because the use of the brake pad and the use of the brake disc are relatively worn, so check the brake disc regularly.

2. According to the wear condition
In addition to the normal wear of the brake disc, there is also the wear caused by the quality of the brake pad or brake disc and foreign matters during normal operation. If there are some deep grooves at the wear part of the brake hub by foreign matters, or there are errors in the wear of the disc surface (some local thin, some local thick), it is recommended to replace it, Due to this kind of wear and tear, errors will directly affect our driving safety.

3. The owner can also consider replacement according to certain rules.
For example, replace the brake disc every two times.

4. The service life of the brake disc is determined according to the quality of the brake disc and the owner's personal driving habits.
In most cases, the service life of the brake disc should be more than 100000 km.


5. It depends on the wear of the brake disc
Check whether there is a deep groove of more than 1mm on the brake disc, whether the thickness on both sides of the brake disc is consistent, and whether the brake disc is uneven or cracked. If the above problems occur, replace the brake disc immediately


Brake Disc Diameter 410mm
Brake Disc Thickness 36mm
Disc Design J hook Floating
Center Bell Type Floating Bell
For Car model Audi RS6 C6
Weight 30kg/pair


J Hook Floating Big Cast Iron Brake Disc Rotor 410x36mm 0J Hook Floating Big Cast Iron Brake Disc Rotor 410x36mm 1J Hook Floating Big Cast Iron Brake Disc Rotor 410x36mm 2


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