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370*32mm Disc Car Brake Parts Aluminum 6061 Grey Cast Iron TH250

Product Details:
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: brake disc and bell and bracket
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Factory direct price
Packaging Details: 40*40*20cm
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,paypal
Supply Ability: 99set

Detail Information

Product Name: Car Brake Disc And Bell And Bracket Bell Color: Champagne
Disc Size: 370*32 Bell Bracket Material: Aluminum 6061
Disc Material: Grey Cast Iron TH250 Fit For: 20''
Application: Car Brake Parts Type: 2pcs Type
High Light:

370*32mm Disc Car Brake


Aluminum 6061 Car Brake Parts


370*32mm Brake Disc Parts

Product Description

Jekit Car Brake Parts 370*32mm Disc Champagne Customized Bell Bracket



Product parameter


Item Name Car brake disc and center bell and bracket
Size 370*32mm
Color Champagne
Fit for 20 inch wheel
Quality 100% Tested



Type of brake discs


Drum brake
Drum brakes can be regarded as the earliest brake system applied to vehicles. The so-called "drum" is the brake drum, which is installed on the wheel and rotates with the wheel. Brake pads are installed in the brake drum. When braking, the brake piston pushes the brake pads outwards to create friction with the brake drum to achieve the braking effect.
Drum brakes are simple in structure and low in manufacturing cost, and most of them are applied to the rear wheels of vehicles. The biggest disadvantage of drum brakes is poor heat dissipation. Since the brake working mechanism is enclosed in the brake drum, the heat cannot be quickly dissipated after continuous braking. Since the braking action of the drum brake is to "top" the brake pads outward, the contact surface of the brake drum with the brake pads will become smaller after thermal expansion, which affects the braking efficiency.
Disc brake
Disc brakes are now the most widely used braking system on vehicles. The brake disc rotates with the wheel. When braking, the brake caliper piston will push the brake pad to clamp the brake disc to generate friction to achieve the braking effect. Compared with drum brakes, the biggest advantages of disc brakes are good heat dissipation, rapid response, even braking force, good drainage, etc. Because the entire brake mechanism is exposed, it is more conducive to heat dissipation.
Ventilated disc brake
Most vehicles now use front ventilated rear disc brakes. Because most of these vehicles have a high self-weight and accelerate quickly, they need better braking effect, shorter braking distance and better drainage and heat dissipation.
Ventilated disc brakes have a lot of holes in the brake disc, and airflow will shuttle through these holes during driving, which has good cooling and drainage effects. At the same time, compared with the solid disk, the ventilated disk has a lighter weight because part of the disk body is removed, and reduces the inertia during rotation, which is beneficial to improve the acceleration and braking performance of the vehicle.
Disc drum brake
Disc-drum brakes are applied to the rear wheels of vehicles, brake discs are used for vehicle braking, and brake drums are used for vehicle parking. The advantage is to reduce the pressure of the brake disc calipers, and it can brake in two ways in an emergency. The disadvantage is that the structure is too complicated and the cost is high.

Center bell

The style of center bell can be customized. Many customers of Jekit have designed the style of center bell. Its shock absorption effect, heat dissipation effect and good-looking appearance are even better than some traditional and factory-designed center bells. And it’s more meaningful. You can engrave the name of your lover, car, or child in the center bell. It’s a meaningful thing to design your own. The material used in the center bell is aluminum 6061, which is easy to oxidize, color and polish. Buyers can choose and design according to their own preferences.


reference picture


370*32mm Disc Car Brake Parts Aluminum 6061 Grey Cast Iron TH250 0370*32mm Disc Car Brake Parts Aluminum 6061 Grey Cast Iron TH250 1370*32mm Disc Car Brake Parts Aluminum 6061 Grey Cast Iron TH250 2

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