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Brembo 18Z Caliper Auto Brake Pad D58mm Disc Area

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: JKBR18Z
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: Factory price
Packaging Details: 15*15*15cm
Delivery Time: 5-7 days
Payment Terms: Western Union/Paypal
Supply Ability: 600 sets per Month

Detail Information

Products Name: Auto Brake Pad Pad Area: D58mm Area
Caliper Model: Brembo 18Z Caliper High Temperature: About 500°C
Wheel: Front Wheel Set: 4 Pieces
Pad Material: Semi-metallic
High Light:

Brembo 18Z Caliper Auto Brake Pad


58mm Disc Auto Brake Pad

Product Description

Brembo 18Z Caliper Auto Brake Pads D58mm Disc Area High Quality


We have many kinds auto brake pads. Just send me your caliper or pads picture

Then we will check out if we have pad for you. It is better to offer us pad OEM number


When replacing brake pads


The brake wheel cylinder must be jacked back with a special tool. It is not allowed to press back with other crowbars, which will easily lead to bending of the guide screw of the brake caliper and jamming of the brake pad. After replacing a new brake pad, be sure to step on the brake a few feet to eliminate the shoe


Clearance with brake disc. After the brake shoe is replaced, it needs to be run in for 200km to achieve the best braking effect. The newly replaced brake shoe must be driven carefully. Brake pads are consumables in automobile parts and will be gradually used in daily driving


Wear. When the brake pad is worn to the limit, it must be replaced, otherwise it will reduce the braking effect and even cause safety accidents.


The service life of the brake pad also varies from person to person, such as the material quality of the brake pad itself, the quality of the braking system, the driving habits of the driver, the driving environment and so on. Generally speaking, vehicles that often drive in urban areas brake


The wear and tear of the film is usually faster than that of vehicles often driving on the highway. Because cars that often drive in urban areas often stop and go, they will have more chances to use the brakes. Vehicles driving on the expressway are likely to travel dozens of kilometers


To slow down or stop, the probability of using the brakes is also relatively reduced.


In addition, the replacement mileage of the front brake pad and the rear brake pad will also be different. Under normal circumstances, the front brake pad of the front drive vehicle will wear faster than that of the rear. Generally, the front pad can use 50000-60000 km and the rear pad can use 80000-90000 km. If it is a class a vehicle or the brake pad is relatively small, the service life will be shorter.


The wear of the brake pads of different vehicle lines and different vehicles is different. Generally speaking, the brake pads can be used for 50000-60000km under normal use. The front wheels consume faster than the rear wheels. I usually pay more attention. If there is a slight squeak during braking, I feel that the braking travel becomes longer, or when the brake alarm system reminds me, Timely check whether it needs to be replaced.

Precautions for modification of brake disc are as follows:



1. List of modified kits, package introduction: a pair of four piston calipers, a pair of high-performance ceramic formula brake pads, a pair of perforated and enlarged discs, a pair of closed bridge positions for special vehicles (dog bones), a pair of metal oil pipes (steel throat), and a bottle of brake oil;



2. Increasing the refitting plate has requirements for the steel ring of the vehicle: basically, it is required that the 330mm enlarged plate can be inserted only when the steel ring (ET value) is more than 17 inches. Then the car of Audi Q5 (asking the base price | checking and matching) must be enough, so I can replace the enlarged plate. Without much talk, I can change it directly;


3. Firstly, the caliper of the original vehicle needs to be removed. After the removal, the flange of the original vehicle shall be cleaned to prevent the putty adhesion of the original vehicle from affecting the modified braking effect. In addition, the outer edge of the dust cover of the brake disc of some models may need to be manually corrected to prevent touching the brake disc


product Introduction 


Item Auto Brake pads 
Auto brake pads Material semi-metal material
High temperature resistance temperature
pad area D58mm/65mm area
Fit Disc size 355*32/362*32/380*34mm


Brembo 18Z Caliper Auto Brake Pad D58mm Disc Area 0Brembo 18Z Caliper Auto Brake Pad D58mm Disc Area 1Brembo 18Z Caliper Auto Brake Pad D58mm Disc Area 2







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