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HP2000 Car Brake Pads Ceramic Metal Material For GT6 Caliper

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: JKgt6
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: Factory price
Packaging Details: 15*15*15cm
Delivery Time: 5-7 days
Payment Terms: Western Union/Paypal
Supply Ability: 600 sets per Month

Detail Information

Item Name: Auto Brake Pad Friction Surface: 65mm
Pad Weight: 4kg Temperature: 100°C~700°C
Fit Caliper Model: GT6 Caliper Friction Coefficient: 0.45μ-0.54μ
Materials: Ceramic Metal
High Light:

HP2000 Car Brake Pads


Ceramic Car Brake Pads


GT6 Caliper Car Brake Pads

Product Description

Jekit HP2000 Brake Pads Ceramic Metal Material For GT6 Caliper


Knowledge of brake pads
Brake pads are components related to driving safety. If the brake pads are not replaced in time, it is easy to directly damage the brake discs, and the safety factor during braking is reduced, affecting driving safety. So how can you tell if the brake pads must be replaced? Generally, the front wheel brake pads are less than 3 mm, and the rear wheel brake pads must be replaced when they are less than 2 mm. Under normal circumstances, even if the thickness of the brake pad is greater than the above standard, it is best to replace the brake pad every 40,000 kilometers. Because in case of damage to the brake disc, the cost of replacing the brake disc can be much higher than the brake pad. So how to choose brake pads? First, a brief introduction to the basic principles of braking. When the driver depresses the brake pedal, the brake booster pump starts to work. With the assistance of vacuum and oil pressure, the brake booster pump amplifies the pedal force through the brake fluid and transmits it to the brake caliper, so that the piston of the caliper pushes the brake The leather clamps the brake disc, and the kinetic energy of the car is converted into heat energy through friction between them, thereby playing the role of braking and stopping the car. It can be seen that the brake pad is the direct component to realize the brake, and the friction ability of the friction material is very important. Generally, the braking effect of the friction material of the original brake pad is only sufficient from the perspective of cost and general use. If you often drive at high speed,
Then the original brake pads are definitely not enough. There are only two reasons: one is that the friction coefficient is not high, and the other is that the friction materials are prone to thermal recession and ablation. How do we choose a better brake pad from these two points of consideration. The friction coefficient is very important. The friction material of the brake pad (grey-black material adhered to the metal base plate) is made of carbon, wear-resistant metal and other materials by high temperature and high pressure pressing (the higher the metal content in the brake pad, the more resistant it is High temperature is also more suitable for the use of performance cars, but at the same time, the wear of the brake disc is also greater), with a very high coefficient of friction and high temperature resistance and shear resistance. As we all know, under a certain area (the area of ​​the brake pad remains unchanged), the size of the friction force is proportional to the friction coefficient of the material and the positive pressure of the friction surface (the thrust of the brake caliper piston), so when the positive pressure is constant, the higher the friction coefficient The greater the braking effect, the better. This is also an important way to modify the brake pads. However, the friction coefficient of the brake pads is not static. Different brake pads have different formula content and processing methods, and their friction coefficients are also different. More importantly, the friction coefficient of the same brake pad will change with the change of temperature, which is not a fixed value. In the professional testing department, the friction coefficient of the brake pad at different temperature points on the "temperature ladder" is measured on a special instrument, so as to draw a continuous "temperature-friction coefficient" curve. This characteristic curve is the brake pad. important reference data. Sounds like graduate work, annoying, right? In fact, no manufacturer will show you this side of their brake pads. As an ordinary consumer, you don't need to care too much. As long as you pass actual driving and simple testing methods, you can judge whether this set of brake pads is easy to use. .



product Introduction 


Item Name GT6 Brake pads 
Material Ceramic Metal
Applicable rotor temperaure 500°C
Disc area D65mm
Weight 4kg


HP2000 Car Brake Pads Ceramic Metal Material For GT6 Caliper 0HP2000 Car Brake Pads Ceramic Metal Material For GT6 Caliper 1HP2000 Car Brake Pads Ceramic Metal Material For GT6 Caliper 2

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