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GT4 Brake Rotors For BMW E92 Rear 7075 Aluminum

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: GT4
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: Factory price
Packaging Details: Box Size 45*45*45cm
Delivery Time: 7-10 days
Payment Terms: Western Union/Paypal, T/T
Supply Ability: 600sets per Month

Detail Information

Item Name: 4 Pot Brake Kit Caliper Pots: 4 Pots
Caliper Material: 6061/7075 Aluminum Fit Wheel: Rim 17/18/19/20
Disc Material: Grey Cast Iron HT250 Center Cap Bracket: Aluminum
Color: Red/Yellow/Custom Color
High Light:

GT4 Brake Rotors


BMW E92 Rear Brake Rotors


7075 Aluminum Rear Brake Rotors

Product Description



Jekit Brake Rotors GT4 Kit For BMW E92 Rear With Customized Bell


Item Name 4 pot brake kit
Pots 4 pistons
Material Aluminum/iron
Place of origin Made in China
Bell type regular/flower/floaing/custom bell
Weight 30kg
Color Red/Yellow/Black/Blue/custom color
Disc type J hook/Drilled/Grooved/Slot straight lines/custom disc type
For Wheel size Rim 17/18/19/20 inch
Full set included 1 pair brake caliper/1 pair brake disc with center cap and bracket/
1 pair brake line/1 set brake pads


Car brake maintenance steps

1. Change the brake oil regularly:
Brake oil is a kind of oil that has a far-reaching impact on the brake system in addition to the brake pads. The key point of brake oil maintenance is to ensure that it does not deteriorate, especially to prevent moisture infiltration. The brake oil should be changed every 50000 km. If you drive in a humid area for a long time, shorten the oil change cycle appropriately.

2. Brake adjustment:
When braking, the car obviously turns left or right, which is caused by the asynchronous braking of the front wheels. It's easy to have an accident because the brake grasps the left (right). Especially when driving at high speed, you must immediately go to the repair shop to adjust the brake.

3. New car brake running in:
Every new car has a running in period at the initial stage of use, and the indispensable part is the running in of the brake system. The running in of the first 1000 kilometers of the new car is very important, and the braking system also needs to be run in. It's best not to have emergency braking. In order to run in smoothly, the clutch should be pressed before braking, but this is only an expedient measure in an extraordinary period. After driving 1000 kilometers, in order to prolong the service life of the clutch, it is still necessary to "brake first and then leave".

4. Do not brake frequently:
In addition to the inspection and maintenance of relevant parts and oil products of the braking system itself, the driver's driving habits also have a great impact on the braking system. For example, when there is no handle at winding mountain high speed, the brake cannot brake frequently, which will heat the brake pad (drum) and lose the braking function. It is necessary to slide at a low speed and use the traction of the engine to assist the braking. At the same time, remember: you can't stop and slide. Without the vacuum power of the engine, the braking system is "disabled".


Difference between plug-in hybrid and oil electric hybrid

The biggest difference between plug-in hybrid vehicle and ordinary hybrid vehicle is that plug-in hybrid vehicle can use external power supply to charge the power battery, but ordinary hybrid vehicle can not use external power supply to charge the power battery. Plug in hybrid vehicles are new energy vehicles in China, and can use green new energy licenses.
Plug in hybrid vehicles have higher battery capacity and higher mileage in pure electric mode.
The biggest advantage of plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is that its range is longer than that of ordinary pure electric vehicle, and its fuel economy is better than that of ordinary internal combustion engine.
The fuel economy of ordinary plug-in hybrid vehicles is also better than that of pure gasoline vehicles, but these vehicles are not as fuel-efficient as plug-in hybrid vehicles.
Plug in hybrid electric vehicle is a perfect transition product from pure gasoline to pure electric vehicle.
With the increasingly serious problem of global environmental pollution, countries all over the world are introducing stricter emission regulations. Therefore, major automobile enterprises are also launching pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles to meet stricter emission regulations.
Pure electric vehicles are driven by electric motors, so there is no exhaust emission during driving, but this does not mean that pure electric vehicles have no pollution.
Pure electric vehicles need to be charged, but most of the power comes from thermal power plants, causing pollution.


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