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55cm Steel Braided Brake Hose Convex Mouth TOYOTA NISSAN

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: jkBH002
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Factory price
Packaging Details: 15*15*15cm
Delivery Time: 7-10 days
Payment Terms: Western Union/Paypal
Supply Ability: 600 sets Every Month

Detail Information

Item Name: Brake Tubes Length: 55cm
Warranty: 1 Year Type: Convex Mouth
For Car: TOYOTA NISSAN Mitsubishi Honda For Hub: Front Wheel
Color: Black Materials: Stainless Steel And
High Light:

Steel Braided Brake Hose


55cm Steel Braided Brake Hose


flexible brake line

Product Description

brake tubes 55 cm Convex mouth For TOYOTA NISSAN Mitsubishi Honda front



Product performance


1. Resistance to corrosion

2. Anti-aging

3. High temperature characteristics



Material introduction


Brake lines are constructed from the finest quality hose, consisting of a ptfe innerand staid stainless steel over braid


Advantages of brake steel throat

The effect of braking needs to be generated through the extrusion of brake oil, and this extrusion is to make the brake oil produce pressure, so the brake oil pipe covering the brake oil plays a very important role

First, it must be soft because the suspension will stretch. If the brake oil pipe is rigid, it will work in suspension


When it breaks. Secondly, it cannot be elastic, because when the brake oil is squeezed to produce pressure, the elastic brake oil pipe will expand and absorb these pressures, resulting in only a little pressure when the brake oil reaches the caliper. Finally, it must be heat resistant. As mentioned earlier, the brake oil will generate high heat, and the heat-resistant brake oil pipe will be damaged due to high heat, resulting in the leakage of brake oil


Considering the above three points and the manufacturer's consideration of manufacturing cost, the original brake oil pipe is all the rubber oil pipe we generally see.


Don't feel that the rubber oil pipe is hard to press. In fact, when the brake oil is working, the brake oil pipe will expand. However, its expansion is still acceptable, but it also absorbs part of the pressure of brake oil. This situation is more obvious with the increase of pressure. Sometimes, many riders press the brake heavily in an emergency, but they find that the brake is the same as it is not. This is caused by the instantaneous expansion of the brake oil pipe.

With the increase of service time, the brake oil pipe changes from elastic expansion to fatigue. The braking response is getting slower and slower, not to mention the braking accuracy and braking feedback.


Installation instructions


Jekit. 1 recommend that if you are in ang doubt,this should be fitted by a qualified mechanic


1. Before removing existing line(s),check that the line(s) suplied are tne correct length ang the banjo alignments are correct .( Please note certain kits do not route as per originals, depending on the kit purchased).


2. Drain the system of brake fluid( as per the manufacturer's recommended method). Carefully remove existing brake line( vehicle, avoiding splashing paintwork with brake fluid, noting positions of C-clip(s) , bracket(s) and banjo (s) , ifequipped . Remove al crush washers from their mating surfaces . Each kit wil arrive with all necessary OEM replacement adaptors and banjo bolts.


3. Ensure all sealing surfaces are clean and in good condition


4. Fit Jekit . 1 line(s) , starting from the caliper and following the path of the original line(s) . Always use the new crush washers supplied with the kit. (Certain vehicles, e.g. /. use two different thread pitches for bolts throughout) Ensure all locating tab(s) and mounting bracket(s)are properly attached to their mating points on the frame or chassis and are not introducing tension on either end of the connection.


5. Do not fully tighten the banjo bolt(s) or threaded line ends until stage 6 has been completed.


6. Jekit . 1 line(s) are designed to replace original line(s) . Check the line(s) for clearance and correct lengths. The line(s) should be installed without any twists or kinks. The opposite axis torque ines iffeatured) should remain parallel along the entire length of the ine (s) . Full travel of the suspension and steering must be checked to ensure the ine(s) are not stretched or trapped.


7. Tighten the banjo bolt(s) and end fitting(s) . Bolt(s) should be tightened to the following torque :


   Min (ft-Ibs)/Nm   Max Plated (ft-Ibs)/Nm Max S/Steel (ft-Ibs)/Nm
Fittings  12/17   16/22  24/33


8. These torque settings are factory tested to the specified material of the fitting(s) on your Jekit. 1 brake line kit. TIhey are not specified to the master cylinder, calipers or any other on your venice. Please referto the manufactur for there torque settings.

Bleeding the brake system. The system is now ready to be bled. Fresh brake fluid should be used and the system bled in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.


55cm  Steel Braided Brake Hose Convex Mouth TOYOTA NISSAN 0



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