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35cm Steel Braided Brake Hose 16cm Diameter BMW Audi Benz

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: Brake hose
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pair
Price: Factory Price
Packaging Details: Box Size 45*45*45cm
Delivery Time: 7-10 days
Payment Terms: Western Union/Paypal
Supply Ability: 5000 pair Per Month

Detail Information

Item Name: Brake Hose Lenght: 35cm To 95cm
Material: Steel Hose Type: Concave Mouth/Convex Mouth
Fit Caliper: Modified Ap Brembo And Original Caliper Diameter: 14/15/16cm
Head Material: Stainless Steel Car Model: BMW/Audi/Benz
High Light:

35cm Steel Braided Brake Hose


16cm Diameter Steel Braided Brake Hose


35cm front brake pipe

Product Description

Jekit Convex General Brake Metal Hose Steel Braided Brake Hose


The brake steel hose is an important part that drives the brake caliper piston to work by transmitting brake oil. Most of the original brake steel throats are made of rubber, so there will be problems such as aging and oil leakage after long-term use. It is generally recommended to check the brake steel throat for 2 to 3 years to ensure driving safety.


Many people mistakenly believe that the brake steel those of the original vehicle is the original one of the manufacturer and should be selected if it meets the corresponding regulations and standards. In fact, because of the cost of the steel throat of the original vehicle, there will be trade-offs in the production process, raw material selection and other issues, and the final finished product can only meet the general braking requirements of the vehicle. Therefore, when replacing the brake steel hose, we recommend choosing professional high-performance brake steel hose


It adopts a three-layer protective structure, including plastic inner core + stainless steel wire woven protective net + PVC outer rubber protective layer with special formula. In terms of flexibility, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance and low expansion, it is far superior to the general brake steel throat. It can be bent and knotted, wear-resistant and durable.


In addition, the interface of brake steel hose is also very important. Generally speaking, it is divided into concave nozzle and convex nozzle. The quality of steel throat interface is a very important part. The interface of our steel hose is forged with 100% stainless steel, which further enhances the firmness and durability.


After replacing the brake steel hose, not only the brake performance is improved, but also the brake foot feel is significantly improved. It is one of the more economical brake upgrading methods.


In addition, it's best to find a professional when replacing the brake steel hose. If you replace it yourself, be careful. Wear gloves. Brake oil is corrosive; Prevent water from entering the steel throat pipe; Emptying must be done well to prevent air residue; The steel throat screw must be locked. If you're not sure, contact us



How to Bleed the Brake Line

After replacing the brake caliper, this next procedure helps you bleed any air from the brake caliper or brake line attached to it, even if you are working on an ABS system.


However, if you think air has got into the brake master cylinder, or hydraulic control unit (HCU), and your car has an ABS system, you may need to take your vehicle to the dealer or shop and have them bleed the system with special equipment. Consult your vehicle repair manual, if necessary.


Without starting the engine, depress the brake pedal at normal stopping pressure about five times to remove any residual vacuum out of the brake booster.

Check the brake master cylinder reservoir. Add new brake fluid to bring the level up to the MAX mark, if necessary, and replace the reservoir cap.
Place one end of a length of clear rubber hose over the bleeder screw on the new brake caliper. The hose should fit snugly over the bleeder screw. You can find clear hose in a craft supply store.
Insert the other end of the clear hose into a plastic container and add some brake fluid to the container, just enough to submerge the end of the hose in it.

Ask an assistant to depress the brake pedal five times and then firmly hold the pedal depressed.
Then, loosen the bleeder screw about 1/4 or 1/2 a turn, just enough to let brake fluid to flow through the clear hose for about 2 seconds and then tighten the bleeder screw again. Watch for air bubbles flowing into the brake fluid in the container.

Ask your assistant to release the brake pedal.
Repeat steps 5 through 7 until you see no more air bubbles flowing into the brake fluid in the container. During the bleeding procedure, be sure to maintain the level above the MIN mark on the brake master cylinder reservoir.

Properly tighten the bleeder screw after you finish bleeding the caliper or brake line.
Add brake fluid to the master cylinder reservoir, if necessary.
Verify the brake pedal feels firm, and test drive the vehicle around the block. Drive at a slow speed to make sure the brakes slow down and stop your car as they should.

Back in your garage, check the brake hose and the bleeding screw on the new caliper for leaks. And during the following week keep checking for leaks.


Brake Hose


Material: Inside Special Rubber, Outside wrapped with steel cover knitted by steel wires


Length: according your request


35cm Steel Braided Brake Hose 16cm Diameter BMW Audi Benz 035cm Steel Braided Brake Hose 16cm Diameter BMW Audi Benz 135cm Steel Braided Brake Hose 16cm Diameter BMW Audi Benz 2

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