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CP9665 6 Pot Brake Kit Original Caliper 370*36mm For Lancer EVO10

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: CP9665
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: factory price
Packaging Details: Box Size 45*45*45cm
Delivery Time: 4-7 days
Payment Terms: Western Union/Paypal
Supply Ability: 600 sets per Month

Detail Information

Item Name: 6 Pot Brake Kit Caliper Number: CP9665
Brake Disc Diameter: 370mm Disc Thickness: 36mm
Fit Wheel Rim: Rim 20 Disc Material: Grey Cast Iron
Caliper Material: Cast Aluminum Caliper Color: Grey Caliper
Delivery Time: 7 Days Bell Type: New Sliver Bell
Caliper Logo: AP Racing Logo
High Light:

6 Pot Brake Kit CP9665


Lancer EVO10 6 Pot Brake Kit

Product Description

6 Pot Brake Kit CP9665 Original Caliper 370*36mm For Lancer EVO10


Caliper model name: cp9665 six piston

Scope of application: ordinary competition

Features: forged, two-piece aluminum alloy, stainless steel piston, high temperature sealing ring,

Stainless steel wear plate is installed at the installation position of brake pad

Matching range of brake disc: diameter 362mm ~ 390mm, thickness 32mm ~ 36mm

Part No.: RH = CP 9665-2s7l, LH = CP 9665-3s7l

Piston size: 27mm * 2, 31.8mm * 2, 38.1mm * 2

Piston area: 50.1 cm ²

Excluding brake pad weight: 3.1kg

Brake pad information: cp6230d54

Brake pad area: 81.62 cm ²

Brake pad width: 54mm

Brake pad thickness: 25mm


[modification list]


Upgrade brake brand: AP Racing


Upgraded vehicle: BMW M2


Upgrade parameters of front wheel brake: AP Racing cp9665-ap370 fishhook dish


Front wheel brake steel throat: Goodridge brake hose


Some benefits of upgrading calipers


Although the multi piston caliper with stronger braking force can not effectively improve the braking distance of 100-0km / h, if the speed is increased from 100km / h to 150km / h or even 200km / h, the multi piston caliper with stronger braking force can effectively reduce the braking distance of the vehicle at 150-0km / h or 200-0km / H.


This is mainly because the kinetic energy affecting the braking performance of the vehicle will change according to the change of speed. According to the formula k (kinetic energy) = m (friction) V (speed) / 2, the kinetic energy when the vehicle moves at 27.8m/s (100km / h) is 100 times that when the vehicle moves at 2.78 M / S (10km / h). Therefore, under the ideal condition, the braking distance of 100km / h will be 100 times longer than that of 10km / h.



If we substitute 150km / h into the kinetic energy formula of k = MV / 2, we can find that when the vehicle makes emergency braking at 150km / h, the kinetic energy of the vehicle is actually 2.25 times that of 100km / h. However, for cost control reasons, the original brake provided by the manufacturer is not enough to give full play to the ultimate grip of the tire and involve ABS when the vehicle is under emergency braking at 150km / h. At this time, the multi piston caliper with stronger braking force has a place to play. Therefore, only in the high-speed braking test, the modified caliper with greater braking force can highlight its own value.


In addition to holding the speed above 120km / h, the more advanced multi piston calipers are made of aluminum with better heat dissipation, so its heat dissipation is several times stronger than that of the original steel calipers. In addition, when refitting calipers, high-temperature resistant brake discs and brake pads will be upgraded at the same time. Therefore, under multiple and high load braking, the more advanced multi piston calipers will not have serious heat recession like the original calipers, which will affect the braking force of the vehicle. In other words, more advanced brake calipers can make the braking force of the vehicle more durable and stable during intense driving.


Under normal circumstances, multi piston brake calipers will be combined with pistons of different sizes. For example, four piston calipers will use the combination of two large and two small pistons; The six piston caliper will use the combination of two large, two medium and two small pistons. Thanks to this combination of large and small pistons, when the demand for braking force is small, you can only push the small piston to brake first. When the demand for braking force increases, the medium and large pistons will intervene in an orderly manner. In this way, because the braking force will show a very linear braking curve, it can bring a very linear braking foot feel to the driver, and the prerequisite for fine control of the braking force, so as to improve the vehicle's track lap speed.



In order to reduce weight and improve appearance, refitted car players usually upgrade to a larger size and have more hollow rims. But with the increase of rim size and hollowed out area, the original brake with small size inside will be instantly exposed to the light. At this time, a set of braking system enough to fill the whole rim can easily solve your worries. In addition, with different brands, different series and different colors, you can always find the calipers that are most suitable for your car style and show your personal taste incisively and vividly.



Item Name 6 pots Auto brake caliper
Caliper Material Cast Aluminum
Caliper color Gray Caliper
Bell and bracket color Silver Center Bell
Bell type

New Center Bell

Caliper Material Aluminum Cast
Logo AP Racing logo
Disc type J hook
For Wheel size Rim 20 front
Full set included 2xbrake caliper/2xbrake disc with center cap and bracket/
2xbrake line/4xbrake pads


CP9665 6 Pot Brake Kit Original Caliper 370*36mm For Lancer EVO10 0CP9665 6 Pot Brake Kit Original Caliper 370*36mm For Lancer EVO10 1CP9665 6 Pot Brake Kit Original Caliper 370*36mm For Lancer EVO10 2

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