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Grooved Slotted 6 Pot Brake Kit CP9040 With 362*32mm Drilled Slot Disc For BMW F32

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: AP9040
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Factory Price
Packaging Details: Box Size 45*45*45cm
Delivery Time: 5-7 days
Payment Terms: Western Union, T/T, Paypal
Supply Ability: 600 sets Per Month

Detail Information

Item Name: 6 Pot Brake Caliper Kit Caliper Pots Size: 6 Pots
Disc Size: 362*32mm Caliper Material: Cast Alloy
Fit Wheel: 19inch Car Model: BMW F32
Caliper Color: Yellow Caliper Disc Type: Grooved Slotted
Front/Rear Wheel: Front Wheel
High Light:

Grooved Slotted 6 Pot Brake Kit


6 Pot Brake Kit CP9040


BMW F32 6 Pot Brake Kit

Product Description

6 Pot Brake Kit CP9040 With 362*32mm Drilled Slot Disc For BMW F32


1. Check whether the replaced brake pads are genuine accessories (i.e. supporting products), whether the integrity of the product packaging, anti-counterfeiting marks and packaging marks are consistent with the marks on the brake pads, and whether the product model is consistent with the contents of the certificate.


2. Before lifting the vehicle, open the cover containing brake oil and loosen the tire screws diagonally. If a simple jack is used for support, the jack shall be well supported and the wheels without replacing the brake pads shall be reinforced. Remove the tire, loosen the fastening screw of the clamp body, check the screw and the sliding guide rod of the clamp, remove the sediment and oil on it, and apply lubricating oil for maintenance.


3. Remove the old brake pad and check the wear degree of the brake disc to see if there is any groove or mess. If the brake disc is seriously worn (3mm deep on one side), it shall be replaced with a new one. The cycle is 80000-120000 km. Otherwise, the wear of the newly replaced brake pad will be accelerated, and the direction will shake during braking, and the braking force is too small.


4. When installing a new brake pad, the inside and outside shall be distinguished, and the friction surface of the brake pad shall face the brake disc to make the disc fit properly. Install the accessories and fasten the clamp body. Before tightening the tong body, use a tool (or special tool) to push the plug on the Tong back to facilitate the installation of the Tong in place. If the brake pad on the drum brake needs to be replaced, it is recommended to go to a professional maintenance factory for professional operation to avoid errors.


5. After the brake is installed, the tire should be reset. When installing the tire screw, tighten it diagonally, which is conducive to protecting the tire and brake hub. At the same time, check whether the wear of the tread and edge is normal. It is best that the left and right wheels can be replaced regularly, which will help to prolong the service life of the tire. Before driving out of position, apply force to step on the brake until you feel that the brake has returned to the ideal state, and then you can drive out of position normally.


If you need a complete modified caliper kit,Please contact customer service,

Please provide:
1. What Car? What year?
2. Wheel hub size? For example, 18-inch 19-inch
3. Modified wheel hub or original wheel hub?
4.Can you give me the Chassis number or frame number(VIN number)?


Item Name Ap9040 Brake Kit
Pots number 6 Pots
Color Yellow Caliper
Rotor 362*32mm
Disc type Grooved Slotted Disc
Center Type Round center
Car model BMW f32
Wheel Rim Rim 19 inch



Grooved Slotted 6 Pot Brake Kit CP9040 With 362*32mm Drilled Slot Disc For BMW F32 0Grooved Slotted 6 Pot Brake Kit CP9040 With 362*32mm Drilled Slot Disc For BMW F32 1Grooved Slotted 6 Pot Brake Kit CP9040 With 362*32mm Drilled Slot Disc For BMW F32 2


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