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AP8520 6 Pot Brake Kit With 390*36mm Drilled Slot Disc For Tesla Model 3

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: CP8520
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: factory price
Packaging Details: Box Size 45*45*45cm
Delivery Time: 4-7 days
Payment Terms: Western Union/Paypal
Supply Ability: 600 sets per Month

Detail Information

Item Name: 6 Pot Brake Kit Caliper Number: AP8520
Disc Size: 390*36mm Caliper Material: Forged Aluminum
Color: Red Brake Caliper Fit Wheel Rim: Rim 21 Inch
Disc Material: Grey Cast Iron HT250 Center Cap Bracket: Aluminum
Bell Type: Floating Logo: Custom/AP Logo
High Light:

AP8520 6 Pot Brake Kit


Tesla 6 Pot Brake Kit


Forged Aluminum 6 Pot Brake Kit

Product Description

6 Pot Brake Kit AP8520 With 390*36mm Drilled Slot Disc For Tesla Model 3


How To Change a Brake Caliper

Generally brake calipers are very reliable, and thankfully require replacing a lot less often than pads and discs, but if you have to change one here's how to do it!


There are numerous different brake fitments, but in the majority of cases, cars are fitted with single piston sliding calipers which are generally fitted the same way. The caliper is connected to a carrier which is connected to the car's hub. While you can replace calipers individually the pads and discs always need to be replaced in pairs across the axle.


Do not attempt to change the caliper unless you either know what you're doing, or you have expert supervision. You cannot take risks with any element of the car's braking system.


What does pot mean in brakes?

"Pots" refers to pistons in the caliper. Usually the number is even. Meaning you will not find a 7 pot or 9 pot brake kit. Usually when you have more pistons the size of the brake kit will increase. There are "mini-6 pot" in the market where the size is similar or smaller than a full size 4-pot brake kit.


A brake caliper is designed to utilize brake fluid under pressure to transfer hydraulic force from the brake master cylinder to the brake pads. The brake pads then contact the rotating brake rotor to slow the car through friction. A brake caliper is typically mounted to the caliper mount which embodies two caliper slides.

There are two basic designs of brake caliper mounting, fixed and floating. A fixed position brake caliper is bolted to the mount and is not allowed to move. This kind of design is constructed with one piston on either side of the caliper. The floating style of caliper which is more common is mounted to the caliper mounting bracket using slide bolts which allow the caliper to "float" as the brake pads wear, this design uses pistons on one side of the caliper. Brake calipers can have from 1 to 6 pistons depending on the manufacturer's design.

All brake calipers are fitted with a brake fluid bleeder which allows air to escape from the system. If air is allowed in the system it can cause a spongy brake pedal. A brake caliper piston is sealed to the brake caliper housing using a main piston seal. This seal allows the piston to move back and forth without allowing brake fluid to leak and is protected by a dust seal that helps keep debris from contaminating the integrity of the main seal.



Your brake calipers should be replaced anytime your car has over 70,000 to 90,000 miles. If pads are not included get a set of high quality set with rotors to do a complete brake job. They are not that expensive and it's the correct way to complete the job.


362*32mm DISC


AP8520 6 Pot Brake Kit With 390*36mm Drilled Slot Disc For Tesla Model 3 0AP8520 6 Pot Brake Kit With 390*36mm Drilled Slot Disc For Tesla Model 3 1AP8520 6 Pot Brake Kit With 390*36mm Drilled Slot Disc For Tesla Model 3 2 

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