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Cast Iron 8 Pot Brakes Calipers 362*32mm Drilled Slot Disc For Audi S3 Rim 19

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: RS8
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Factory Price
Packaging Details: Box Size 45*45*45cm
Delivery Time: 5-7 days
Payment Terms: Paypal, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 600 sets per Month

Detail Information

Item Name: RS8 Brake Kit Caliper Pots Number: 8 Piston
Rotor Size: 362*32mm Caliper Material: 6061 Aluminum
Fit Wheel Rim: Rim 18 Disc Material: Grey Cast Iron
Center Cap Bracket Material: Aluminum Caliper Color: Custom Color/Red
High Light:

Cast Iron 8 Pot Brakes


8 Pot Brakes Audi S3


Drilled Slot Disc 8 Pot Brakes

Product Description

8 Pot Brakes Caliper 362*32mm Drilled Slot Disc For Audi S3 Front


How do you check caliper
Start by safely supporting the vehicle on jack stands and attempting to turn the wheel/tire assembly by hand. If the wheel is hard to turn, you may have a caliper that's sticking and pushing the pads against the rotor. You can also check the caliper piston by trying to push it back into its bore.

The brake caliper is a critical part of your disc brake system that helps you slow down your vehicle. And as with other brake parts, it wears down over time. However, since they play such a critical role in helping you stay safe, you'd want to replace a bad brake caliper before it wears out completely


Why is aluminium used in calipers?
Starting in about 1997, many automakers began to use aluminum instead of cast iron for their disc brake calipers. Aluminum is 65% lighter than iron, and aluminum forgings and alloys can have the same structural strength as iron components. The automakers liked the weight reduction because it helped boost gas mileage


How do you tell if a caliper is bad?

A technician can spot the early warning signs of a failing caliper - corrosion, dirt buildup, leak, reluctant guide pins, and more - before they become a major issue. If a caliper already has problems, the technician might notice uneven brake pad wear resulting from a caliper that is either stuck open or stuck closed


When Do You Need to Bleed Your Brakes?
The basic assumption upon which the brakes of a car or any other hydraulic system work is that liquids cannot be compressed. If air enters the system, the balance is tipped. Air can be compressed.

Hence, if you have air in the brake lines and you push on the brake pedal, it will only compress the air in the system and very little or no force will reach the brake pads.


Here are the conditions when you need to bleed your brakes.

If the brake pedal feels spongy and not firm.
When it takes longer than usual for your car to stop.
If you have a leak anywhere in the brake lines, you need to bleed them. Leaks don’t only let the fluid out, but can also let air bubbles into the brake system.
If your brake pads are worn out and you replace them. Braking with worn-out pads can lead to the master cylinder being drained and that can leak air into the system.
If you brake too much for a long period like while descending a hill or during a race, the heat generated by braking can cause the brake fluid to boil. This can make the brakes less effective.
One thing must always be kept in mind.

Brakes are the single most important part of any car and you don’t want to take any chances with them. If you feel the slightest indication, bleed the brakes. It is also a good practice to bleed the brakes once a year as preventive maintenance.


Brand Name
Product name
Modified Brake caliper
1 set
Neutral packaging / custom packaging / tray
Audi S7
modified brake caliper
brake caliper 8 piston
Wheel Size
For wheel hub 19inch or more


Cast Iron 8 Pot Brakes Calipers 362*32mm Drilled Slot Disc For Audi S3 Rim 19 0Cast Iron 8 Pot Brakes Calipers 362*32mm Drilled Slot Disc For Audi S3 Rim 19 1Cast Iron 8 Pot Brakes Calipers 362*32mm Drilled Slot Disc For Audi S3 Rim 19 2

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