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380mm Disc 8 Pot Brakes Black Aluminum Caliper Full Floating Bell

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: GT8
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: Factory direct price
Packaging Details: 45*45*45cm
Delivery Time: 5-7 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,paypal
Supply Ability: 600set per month

Detail Information

Product Name: 8 Pot Brake Kit Color: Black
Caliper Material: Aluminum Fitted Disc: 380mm
Application: Auto Part Disc Material: Grey Cast Iron HT250
Bell Type: Normal Bell Bracket Material: Aluminum 6061
High Light:

380mm Disc 8 Pot Brakes


Aluminum Caliper 8 Pot Brakes


380mm Disc Car Brake Set

Product Description

Jekit Big Brake Kit 8 Black Caliper Pot 380mm Disc Full Floating Bell


Opposed piston type:
The whole caliper adopts opposed pistons. There are a group of pistons on both sides of the brake disc. The hydraulic oil uses the same hydraulic pressure to push the pistons on both sides to apply force like the brake disc, so as to tighten the brake disc and play the role of braking. This caliper is more expensive because it uses at least two or more pistons, but it can provide higher braking force than floating fork caliper, which is mostly used in high-performance vehicles. The common opposed pistons are four piston, six piston and eight piston, which increases the surface area of the brake shoe, so the braking effect will be better. However, it also has disadvantages, because the caliper needs to install the piston and hydraulic pipeline on the side close to the wheel hub, so the brake disc is far away from the wheel hub, which has a great impact on heat dissipation. However, the use of large-diameter vent discs can be significantly improved, and large-diameter rims are also good for heat dissipation


1. What small details should you pay attention to when refitting the car's brake

First point: choose high-performance brake shoes. Replacing the high-performance brake skin is the most basic and cheapest way to improve the brake system. At present, most of the brake skins on the market boast that their effective working temperature is very high, but these figures can not really represent the performance. The working temperature is only a pointer in the braking performance, and it is the friction of the brake skin that ultimately determines the braking force.

Second point: select the brake disc with large diameter. It is reported that the brake disc with larger diameter needs to be replaced with a larger diameter to accommodate. No matter how the brake disc is designed, even if the original brake caliper and brake skin are used, and then the brake disc with larger diameter can improve the braking performance.

Third point: refit the brake caliper. In addition to replacing the brake skin and brake disc, it is also necessary to change the brake caliper from the original single piston to the opposite four piston or even the opposite six piston. This multi piston configuration will enable the pressure generated by the caliper to be more evenly distributed on the left and right brake pads during braking, and the generated braking force will be several times that of the original braking force.

Fourth point: refit the brake oil pipe. The general braking system will have a section of soft rubber pipe. The selection of high-quality brake oil pipe is a necessary modification for racing cars, and it provides another safety guarantee for general road vehicles.

Fifth point: replace with high-performance brake oil. It should also be noted that the modification of the braking system is to replace it with high-performance brake oil. When the brake oil deteriorates due to high temperature or absorbs moisture in the air, the boiling point of the brake oil will be reduced. The boiling of brake oil is the biggest problem faced by the brake system. The brake oil must be replaced regularly. When it is stored after being opened, the bottle mouth must be sealed to prevent moisture in the air from contacting the brake oil


Product list


1 pair Brake caliper
1 pair  Brake disc rotor
1 pair Brake disc bell
1 pair Caliper brakcet
1 pair Brake hose
1 set  floating bolts
1 set Bracket bolts



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380mm Disc 8 Pot Brakes Black Aluminum Caliper Full Floating Bell 0380mm Disc 8 Pot Brakes Black Aluminum Caliper Full Floating Bell 1380mm Disc 8 Pot Brakes Black Aluminum Caliper Full Floating Bell 2

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