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Carbon Metal Car Brake Pads For AP Racing Brembo Caliper

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: HP1000-HP4000
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: Factory Price
Packaging Details: Box Size 20*20*20cm
Delivery Time: 5-7days
Payment Terms: Western Union, T/T,paypal
Supply Ability: 5000 sets Per Month

Detail Information

Item Name: Auto Brake Pads Pads Area: 45mm~65mm
Material: Carbon Metal Fit Caliper: AP Racing Or Brembo
1 Set: 4~8 Pcs Temperature: 0~950°C
Origin: China Size: Customized
High Light:

Carbon Metal Car Brake Pads


Brembo Caliper Car Brake Pads


65mm Auto Brake Pads

Product Description

Jekit Car Brake Pads Carbon Metal Fit For AP Racing Caliper & Brembo Caliper



Product Introduction


Product Name

Brembo & AP racing brake pads
Model HP1000 / HP2000 / HP3000 / HP4000
Temperature 0~950°C
Quality 100% Tested
Package Neutral Packing 20*20*20cm



The original brake pads are sufficient for normal driving. Why do we need to modify them? Because in rainy days, when the road is slippery or high-speed, or continuous downhill, we can actually feel that the brakes are not enough. Normally, in an emergency, every one meter shortened may save a life, so the brake pads are also very critical.
Automobile brake pads are an important safety component in the automobile brake system. The quality of automobile brake pads directly affects the braking performance of the automobile, and it is more about the safety of life. In the modification industry, there is a saying that after brushing a few steps, after the power is increased, it is necessary to change a larger caliper and a larger brake pad. If we only consider modifying brake pads from the perspective of improving power, then you are wrong.
The power boost is only to increase the acceleration of the car, not to increase the kinetic energy of the car. When the weight of a car is constant and the speed is constant, the kinetic energy of a car with increased power is the same as that of a car without power. In other words, when you used to increase the power, the car ran for 120 yards, and the car ran for 120 yards after the increase in power is the same thing. Just like you asked, "Which one is heavier, 100 catties of cotton or 100 catties of iron?", you used the 120-yard brake to work, but now you can use the same 120-yard brake after increasing the power. The kinetic energy is the same. The purpose of braking is mainly to reduce the kinetic energy of the car. The same kinetic energy has the same braking effect. Therefore, if the original brakes of the vehicle are sufficient, it will be the same if they are modified or not.
Under what circumstances will we feel that the brakes are obviously not enough? If the brake pads are not resistant to high temperatures, their temperature will be very high when we are running at high speed. In this way, it will reduce friction and we people will feel unable to step on it. In fact, it is very dangerous at this time.
The modified brakes can improve the safety index, especially the Jekit brand brake pads. Its friction index and high temperature resistance are stronger than the original car. The braking effect will naturally be better than ordinary brake pads, and it also improves our driving safety factor.
Do I need to change the brakes? It depends on whether you have increased the weight of the car, and the purpose of your car. You are a family transporter. You run high speeds from time to time. The maximum speed of 150 yards is great. The brake design is designed to be able to step on the abs, and your car speed The sum is that big, you change the brakes no matter how good they are, the abs comes out, and the brakes are locked and released. In this case, you can choose the brake pads of Jekit's HP1000 model. The cost is low, and it is also suitable for daily use. If you are on the track or carrying heavy objects, you can choose HP4000 brake pads. HP4000 is better than HP1000 in terms of performance and high temperature resistance. But the cost will be more expensive. Therefore, we still choose the suitable brake pads according to our own needs.



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Carbon Metal Car Brake Pads For AP Racing Brembo Caliper 0Carbon Metal Car Brake Pads For AP Racing Brembo Caliper 1Carbon Metal Car Brake Pads For AP Racing Brembo Caliper 2

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