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21in Wheel Drilled Perforated Brake Disc 405*34mm Grey Cast Iron HT250

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: JK405*34
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pair
Price: Factory Price
Packaging Details: Box Size 45*45*25cm
Delivery Time: 5-7 days
Payment Terms: Western Union,Paypal, T/T
Supply Ability: 600 sets Per Month

Detail Information

Item Name: Disc Brake Rotor Disc Design: Drilled
Disc Size: 405x34mm Fit Wheel: Rim 21 Inch
Disc Material: Grey Cast Iron HT250 Disc Hole: 24 Holes
Fit Caliper: GT6/GT8 Center Cap Design: Floating
High Light:

21in Wheel Perforated Brake Disc


Perforated Brake Disc 405*34mm


Drilled Brake Rotor Disc 405*34mm

Product Description

Jekit Big Brake Rotor 405*34mm Perforated Cast Iron Brake Disc


Benefits and un benefits of drilled disc

The main advantage is heat dissipation, because the brake disc has heat attenuation, which is fatal for ordinary high-performance vehicles; In addition, through the drilling of the brake disc, the under wheel quality is somewhat reduced, and the handling is still improved.
If it is an ordinary cast iron brake disc, it is good to draw lines and punch holes. Such discs are basically used in high-performance luxury cars, and perforated brake discs are used in most medium and high-grade sports cars. Punching is to dissipate heat and improve the heat decay resistance of the brake. Scribing is to quickly discharge the worn powder of the brake pad and improve the braking force. Both are basically to improve the braking performance.

Advantages of perforated and non perforated brake discs:
1. The perforated brake disc has better effect in rainy days. The perforated brake disc aims to better heat dissipation and reduce the impact of heat decay on the brake. The brake disc is divided into single-layer non perforated disc, single-layer perforated disc and double-layer hollow perforated disc;
2. Single layer non porous is generally used widely, which is used in most cars. The utility model has the advantages of low cost, small wear of the brake friction block and good rigidity. The disadvantage is poor heat dissipation


How to determine whether the brake disc needs to be replaced
During braking, the constant friction between the brake pad and the brake disc will also lead to the thinner and thinner thickness of the brake disc. According to different vehicle driving forms, the service life of front and rear brake discs is also different. In the past, taking driving as an example, the service cycle of the front disc is about 60000-80000 km and that of the rear disc is about 100000 km. Of course, this is also closely related to our driving habits and driving styles.


Observe the groove to determine whether the brake disc needs to be replaced
Generally, three small grooves are distributed on most brake discs, which are called wear indication marks. When the brake disc is worn so that no small groove can be seen, it indicates that its wear limit has been reached, and the brake disc needs to be replaced immediately.

Due to frequent friction, many small scratches on the brake disc are also normal. However, if the scratch is obviously deep and forms a shape similar to a small groove, we can touch the edge of the groove with our fingers. If the edge is sharp, it means that the groove is deep, then we should go to the 4S store to inquire whether the brake disc needs to be replaced.


If the brake indicator light on the instrument panel is on, it indicates that the vehicle's braking system is faulty. At this time, we should focus on checking whether the brake pads and brake discs are excessively worn. If there is no obvious excessive wear of brake pads and discs, the brake indicator light may be on due to insufficient brake oil or problems on the line. At this time, go to the 4S store for inspection and maintenance as soon as possible.

Judge whether the brake disc needs to be replaced through the indicator light of the instrument panel


 Finger touch to determine whether the brake disc needs to be replaced



405*34mm Disc Data

Locating Ring=241mm


Disc Area=61mm

Hole Diameter=9mm



Brake Rotor Disc Size 405mm
Brake Disc Thickness 34mm
Disc Design Drilled
Center Bell Type Floating Disc 
For Car model Audi 
Weight 30kg/pair


21in Wheel Drilled Perforated Brake Disc 405*34mm Grey Cast Iron HT250 021in Wheel Drilled Perforated Brake Disc 405*34mm Grey Cast Iron HT250 121in Wheel Drilled Perforated Brake Disc 405*34mm Grey Cast Iron HT250 2


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