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Lexus Lx570 Front Auto Big Brake Caliper 405x34mm Disc 20in Wheel

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: GT8
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Factory direct price
Packaging Details: 45x45x45cm
Delivery Time: 5-7 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,paypal
Supply Ability: 600 set per month

Detail Information

Product Name: 8pot Brake Kit Color: Red Color
Caliper Material: Aluminum Disc Diameter: 405mm
Application: Auto Brake Disc Material: Grey Cast Iron HT250
Bell Type: Normal/Flower/Floating Bell Bracket Material: Aluminum 6061/7075
High Light:

20in Wheel Front Big Brake Caliper


Auto Big Brake Caliper 405x34mm Disc


LX570 Lexus Brake kit 405x34mm Disc

Product Description

Jekit Front Big Brake Caliper 405x34mm Disc Kit For Lexus LX570


Caliper modification, brake is very soft, what is the reason


Reason 1: improper installation of caliper

Many motorists have this confusion. In the past, the front half of the brake was soft and the rear half was hard. After the caliper is removed and reinstalled, the braking effect is still good, but both the front half and the rear half are very soft. In fact, the soft brake has something to do with the caliper installation. If the caliper is installed in front of the brake disc, when braking, the brake disc and the brake caliper will work together to produce an upward force. When this force is combined with the upward force on the ground, it will make the tire bear greater force. In short, it will produce the phenomenon of brake nodding. The front wheel brake caliper is installed behind the brake disc to improve the stability of the vehicle. Therefore, improper installation of calipers will also affect the braking performance of the vehicle, resulting in soft braking.


Reason 2: blindly seeking multi piston

In order to pursue cool appearance and ultimate braking performance, many car owners will choose to refit brake caliper, 4-piston or 6-piston, thinking that the more pistons, the greater the braking force will be. The effect of braking depends not only on the number of pistons, but also on the matching of piston area and master cylinder. For example, each wheel of the original car has a brake piston, and there are four in the whole car; When it is necessary to brake, one foot brake, and the pump oil volume of the brake master cylinder just meets the four pistons to stretch out and compress the brake disc. Now it is refitted into 8 or 16 pistons. Although the area of a single piston is reduced, generally speaking, after refitting multi piston calipers, the total area of the piston will be greater than that of the original factory. When you step on the brake again, you need more pump oil to push the piston; Therefore, more brake pedal travel is required to make up for the oil supply. In this case, the symptoms of stepping on the brake are: the front section of the brake is soft, and even the whole section of the brake is soft. Even if the brake pedal is pressed to the bottom, the oil supply is not enough. If the oil supply to the piston is not enough, the braking force is naturally not enough. I feel like I try my best to step on the brake, but the car can't always brake.


Reason 3: do not replace the brake oil for a long time

Many riders do not consider other factors after the calipers are modified. They think the brakes will be better after the calipers are modified, so they generally ignore the importance of brake oil. The brake oil needs to be replaced regularly. If you don't change it for a long time, it will be mixed with many other magazines, which will affect the braking system, so it won't stop when braking.

Reason 4: the brake pads are not well worn in

The new brake pad and brake disc need to be run in because the previous brake disc is worn by the old brake pad (you can know what it is by carefully observing the lines on the surface of the brake disc), while the surface of the new brake pad is flat. Therefore, the friction area between each other is very small. It takes some time to fit in with each other. The brake will not be too soft after fitting, so when the brake is very soft, it may still be in the running in period, which is a normal phenomenon.



Caliper Model 8 Pots Brake Kit
Number of pistons 6 pots
Wheel Rim Fit For Rim 20
Disc Brake Size 405*34mm
Description Customers need to provide models and wheel rim size



Lexus Lx570 Front Auto Big Brake Caliper 405x34mm Disc 20in Wheel 0Lexus Lx570 Front Auto Big Brake Caliper 405x34mm Disc 20in Wheel 1Lexus Lx570 Front Auto Big Brake Caliper 405x34mm Disc 20in Wheel 2

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