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362x32mm Disc Black Brake Caliper Cover Black Fits Rs8 8 Pot Caliper

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: RS8
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Factory direct price
Packaging Details: 40*40*40cm
Delivery Time: 5-7 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,paypal
Supply Ability: 600 set per month

Detail Information

Product Name: 8 Pot Brakes Caliper Color: Black
Caliper Material: Alloy Fitted Disc: 362x32mm
Application: Auto Brake System Disc Material: Cast Iron G3000
OEM Number: RS8 Craft: Casting
High Light:

362x32mm Disc Brake Caliper Cover


Rs8 black brake caliper covers


Rs8 8 Pot Caliper

Product Description

Jekit Auto Brake Caliper Disc 362x32mm Fit 8 Pots Rs8 Brake Caliper



When you buy calipers, you should tell the us what car you have, what year it is, how big the wheel hub is at present, whether to play the track or sell vegetables every day, and attach the photos of the wheel hub for the merchant's reference.


Generally speaking, common models have fixed optimal collocations. These collocations are obtained from long-term experience and experiments. Early riders have paved the road for later riders and stripped the crabs. When you come here, everything is the best arrangement.

As for the piston area and other detailed parameters, it doesn't matter if you don't know. If you want to know, you can consult us




Brake caliper is a caliper device with the functions of decelerating, stopping or maintaining the stopped state of moving wheels. It is generally only used in disc brake system. The disc brake on the car is composed of a brake oil pump, a brake disc connected to the wheel and a brake caliper on the disc. When braking, the high-pressure brake oil pushes the piston in the caliper to press the brake shoe against the brake disc, resulting in braking effect.

The caliper is equipped with a dust boot to prevent foreign particles from damaging the piston. In addition, anti rattle shrapnel is matched to fix the brake skin to reduce the noise in daily use. There is also a design that can't be found in competitive calipers! Competitive calipers usually cannot prevent corrosion through long-term maintenance, which has become a problem, but corrosion prevention is very important for street calipers.



Brake disc


If all four wheels are practical disc brakes, all four wheels will have a brake disc. The brake disc is a component rotating with the wheel, which can prevent the tire from continuing to rotate and convert kinetic energy into heat energy.



Brake caliper


The brake caliper is a component attached to the front and rear of the brake disc. There are single or multiple pistons in the brake caliper. When pressing the brake pedal, pressure will be generated to force the brake oil to push the piston, and then push the brake pads to clamp the brake disc inward to achieve the effect of braking deceleration.



Brake Pads


The brake skin is a wear-resistant part in contact with the brake disc, which is installed in the brake caliper. The pressure exerted by the brake skin on the brake disc is the key action to slow down the car.



Brake oil pipe


The job of these oil pipes is to deliver brake oil. When the brake pedal is pressed, the brake oil will flow through the pipeline to the brake caliper on each wheel and push the piston in the caliper to clamp the brake disc.


Brake System Kit
8 Pots Brake Caliper  one pair
drilled brake rotor 1 pair

HP1000 brake pads 1 set

Metal Hose 1 pair
customAluminum Center bell adapter 




362x32mm Disc Black Brake Caliper Cover Black Fits Rs8 8 Pot Caliper 0362x32mm Disc Black Brake Caliper Cover Black Fits Rs8 8 Pot Caliper 1

362x32mm Disc Black Brake Caliper Cover Black Fits Rs8 8 Pot Caliper 2

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