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4pcs Car Brake Auto Brake Pad Lining For CP9200 Brake Caliper

Product Details:
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: CP3215D50
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Factory Price
Packaging Details: 15*15*15cm
Delivery Time: 5-7work day
Payment Terms: Western Union, T/T,paypal, T/T
Supply Ability: 600 sets per Month

Detail Information

Product Name: Auto Brake Pad Pad Material: Semi-metal
Pad Area: D50mm Fit Disc Size: 330*28mm
Fit Wheel Size: 17 Inch Disc Material: Metal Iron
1 Set: 4pcs Brake Hose: For AP9200 Caliper
High Light:

CP9200 Auto Brake Pad


4pcs Auto Brake Pad


CP9200 Caliper Brake Pad

Product Description

Jekit Car Brake lining Auto Brake Pad For CP9200 Brake Caliper


About Brake pad 


Brake pads are also called brake lining. In the automobile braking system, the brake pad is the most critical safety part. The brake pad plays a decisive role in all braking effects. Therefore, a good brake pad is the protector of people and cars.


Brake lining is generally composed of steel plate, adhesive insulation layer and friction block. The steel plate shall be coated to prevent rust. Smt-4 furnace temperature tracker is used to detect the temperature distribution in the coating process to ensure the quality. The thermal insulation layer is composed of non heat transfer materials for thermal insulation. The friction block is composed of friction materials and adhesives. When braking, it is squeezed on the brake disc or brake drum to produce friction, so as to achieve the purpose of vehicle deceleration and braking. Due to friction, the friction block will be worn gradually.

Generally speaking, the brake pad with lower cost will wear faster.


Brake pads are mainly divided into the following categories: asbestos brake pads (basically eliminated), Semi-metallic Brake Pads, small metal brake pads, Nao formula brake pads, ceramic brake pads and Nao ceramic brake pads


The replacement of brake pads depends on how long your pads have been used in your car life. Generally, if you travel more than 80000 kilometers, the brake pads need to be replaced. However, if you hear the sound of your wheels rubbing, you should replace the brake pads regardless of your mileage. If you're not sure how many kilometers you've traveled, you might go to a free pad replacement store, buy brake pads from them, or go to a car service store to install them


common problem

Q: how often do you change the brake pads?

A: Generally speaking, the replacement cycle of the front brake pad is 30000 km and the replacement cycle of the rear brake pad is 60000 km. There may be slight differences between different models.


How to prevent excessive wear?


1. In the process of going down steep slopes, reduce the vehicle speed in advance, use appropriate gears, and adopt the operation mode of engine braking and braking system, which can effectively reduce the burden of the braking system and avoid overheating of the braking system.


2. It is forbidden to turn off the engine when going downhill. Now cars are basically equipped with brake vacuum booster pump. Once the engine is turned off, the brake booster pump will not only not play an auxiliary role, but also produce great resistance to the brake master cylinder, and the braking distance will be doubled.


3. When the automatic stop vehicle is driving in the urban area, the fuel shall be collected in time regardless of speed. If you apply the brake only when you are very close to the car in front, the brake pad loss will be very serious and fuel consumption will be very high. How to prevent excessive brake wear? Therefore, when the automatic stop vehicle sees a red light or congestion ahead, it should collect the oil in advance, which not only saves fuel, saves maintenance cost, but also increases the driving comfort.


4. When driving at night, when driving from bright to dark, the eyes need to adapt to the changes of light. In order to ensure safety, the speed must be reduced. How to prevent excessive brake wear? In addition, when passing through curves, slopes, bridges, narrow roads and places that are not easy to see, reduce the speed and prepare for braking or parking at any time to prevent accidents and ensure driving safety.

Purchase method


Fourth, first, look at the friction coefficient. The friction coefficient determines the basic braking torque of the brake pad. If it is too high, the wheel will lock, lose control of the direction and burn the pad during braking. If it is too low, the braking distance will be too long; Second, depending on the safety, the brake pad will produce instantaneous high temperature during braking, especially when driving at high speed or emergency braking, and the friction coefficient of the friction pad will decrease under high temperature; Third, check whether it is comfortable, including braking feeling, noise, dust, smoke, peculiar smell, etc., which is the direct embodiment of friction performance; Four look at the service life. Usually, the brake pad can guarantee the service life of 30000 km.


First of all, automobile brake pads produced by regular manufacturers with license number, specified friction coefficient, executive standard, etc. shall be selected, and the packing box shall be provided with qualification certificate, production batch number, production date, etc; Secondly, select a professional maintenance point and ask a professional to install it.



Brake Pad Information

- Pad Area = 57.4cm²
- Pad Depth = 50.3mm
- Thickness = 16.8mm


4pcs Car Brake Auto Brake Pad Lining For CP9200 Brake Caliper 04pcs Car Brake Auto Brake Pad Lining For CP9200 Brake Caliper 14pcs Car Brake Auto Brake Pad Lining For CP9200 Brake Caliper 2 

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