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Jekit 6 pot caliper full floating bell 355*32mm disc kit for 18 rim

Product Details:
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: JK9040
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Factory direct price
Packaging Details: 40*40*40cm
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,paypal
Supply Ability: 99set

Detail Information

Product Name: 6 Pot Brake Kit Pots: 6 Pots
Calipers Color: Red /yellow /black /custom Color Disc Size: 355*32/362*32mm
Disc Type: J Hook /drilled /dragon Slot /slot /groove Center Cap Type: Floating /non-floating /flower
Center Cap Color: Red /yellow /black /custom Color Application: Auto Part

Product Description

Jekit 6 pot caliper full floating bell 355*32mm disc kit for 18 rim





Item Name 6 pot brake kit
Pots 6 pistons
Color Red/Yellow/Black/Blue/custom color
For Wheel size 18/19 inch
Full set included

1 pair brake caliper/1 pair brake disc with center cap and bracket/1 pair brake line/1 set brake pads



Introduction to full floating


The structure of the floating disc is that the friction part is separated from the fixed load-bearing part, and the inner ring and the outer ring are connected by metal buckles. The inner ring is responsible for connecting the wheel hub, and the outer ring is inlaid on the inner ring to be responsible for the friction work of the brake. In fact, floating brake discs are mainly used to solve thermal deformation, brake vibration and centering. The heat generated by the brake will cause the brake effect to deteriorate, mainly due to the effect of heat on the brake material, but the floating disc is to solve the thermal deformation, which is the distortion of the disc. This kind of distortion will produce vibration or premature lock during severe braking, rather than the kind of vibration caused by the deformation of the brake disc. At the same time, the structure of the floating disc is conducive to the elimination of brake heat and weight reduction, because the material of the inner ring is generally aluminum, and a large area of ​​drilling and grids are also used.
There are two types of floating discs, one is semi-floating and the other is full-floating. Semi-floating discs are the most widely used. At present, the front brake discs of many cars are semi-floating brake discs. The semi-floating brake disc structure allows radial movement. , Is to allow the radial expansion of the outer ring of the disc when the brake heats up. This alleviates the distortion caused by thermal deformation. It also allows axial movement, but you can hardly feel it with your fingers, only 0.03mm. The fully-floating brake disc allows radial and axial movement at the same time. The fully-floating structure makes the brake disc and the disc have a better automatic centering function. During the same braking time, the two discs are in full pressure contact. The disk time is the shortest. It can also solve the problems of vibration and early death.
To put it simply, you cannot shake the outer ring with your fingers on the semi-floating disk, while the fully floating disk can slightly shake and make a clicking sound. Fully floating brake discs are mainly used in the field of racing.



Why choose modified brakes


Brakes are very important. Modified brakes are mainly for better modification of power, which makes it safer when braking and better control the car. Modified brakes allow you to better control the car.

In addition to safety, there is another modification of the brakes for good looks. When it comes to modifying the brakes for good, most of them are because of the modification of large-size wheels, and the original brake discs and calipers are too small because they are too small. The wheel looks empty, which is what riders often say are not "full". The biggest reason for refitting the brake is to reduce the braking distance. After all, there will be various emergencies on the road, and at this time, whether the vehicle can be stopped before the accident occurs, the performance of the brake is very important. However, the traditional brake caliper adopts a floating type, and its performance ability is not so ideal compared with the fixed caliper type.


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Jekit 6 pot caliper full floating bell 355*32mm disc kit for 18 rim 0Jekit 6 pot caliper full floating bell 355*32mm disc kit for 18 rim 1Jekit 6 pot caliper full floating bell 355*32mm disc kit for 18 rim 2

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