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Jekit Car Brake System 18Z With floating type For Rim 20 Inch

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: JK 18Z
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: factory direct price
Packaging Details: Box Size 45*45*45cm
Delivery Time: 5-8 days
Payment Terms: Western Union/Paypal, T/T
Supply Ability: 600 sets Every Month

Detail Information

Item Name: 18Z Brake Kit Caliper Pots: 6 Pots
Disc Size: 355*32/362*32/380*34mm Caliper Material: Aluminum
Fit Wheel: Rim 18/19/20 Inch Disc Material: Grey Cast Iron HT250
Center Cap Bracket: Aluminum Color: Red/Yellow/Custom Color

Product Description


Jekit Car Brake System 18Z With floating type For Rim 20 Inch



Modified brake knowledge


Let me talk about a very common configuration. The brakes of many cars use the front disc and the rear drum. This is because of the cost (the consideration of the hand brake), so many people think that the disc brake is more powerful, but in fact the drum brake is more. Powerful, the advantage of disc brakes is excellent heat dissipation. hot! It is the enemy of the brake system. The brake pads will deteriorate and harden when exposed to high heat to reduce the coefficient of friction. Of course, the car will not stop. Therefore, the purpose of refitting high-quality brake pads is to withstand high temperature, and changing the disc is to make the temperature rise slower. Therefore, to improve the heat resistance of the brake, you only need to use high-quality and large-scale brake pads and brake discs. Enough.



Jekit brake calipers:


Changing a set of large multi-piston brake calipers can directly improve braking performance. The brake caliper is larger, and the total area of ​​the brake pads is also larger. Of course, the braking performance is good. The car industry seems to attach great importance to the number of pistons in the brake caliper. Of course, the more pistons, the more uniform the pressure and temperature generated on the brake pads, and the increase in the total area of ​​the pistons. What are the benefits of increasing the piston area? Because the pressure that the brake fluid pipeline can withstand is limited, increasing the piston area can increase the limit pressure of the brake shoe against the brake disc (pressure = pressure x area). However, to achieve the same brake pressure after switching to a multi-piston caliper, it may require a larger pedal stroke, which means that you have to step deeper. The improvement method is to replace the brake master cylinder, or even use racing-style dual brake master cylinders to control the distribution of the front and rear brakes separately to achieve the most personalized ideal effect. However, the cost of modification is very high. Multi-piston calipers are more expensive. Second, modifying the brake master cylinder, especially the dual brake master cylinder, involves a lot of knowledge, and it takes a lot of man-hours and materials. It is not worth it if it is not for the modification of the racing car. From a practical point of view, the choice of calipers still requires matching. Generally, 4-piston calipers are sufficient for high-performance street cars. It is also worth noting that the weight of the brake caliper, although the shape is similar, but the high-end brake caliper made of light metal (such as APRacing, Brembo, etc.) is more than twice as light as the cast iron product, and the brake system is unspringweight. For one thing, the amount of weight has a direct impact on the handling of the car. In addition, high-end brake calipers have very high heat dissipation performance, which is very helpful in controlling the temperature of the brake system.



Product Details


Item Name car brake system
Pots 6 pot
Color red
Disc size 355*32mm/ 362*32mm/ 380*34mm
Functional Characteristics Vortex in the form of rapid cooling ,improve 40% of the braking effect and brake friction performance.
For Wheel size 18‘’/19‘’/20‘’
Full set included

1 pair brake caliper/1 pair brake disc with center cap and bracket/1 pair brake line/1 set brake pads



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Jekit Car Brake System 18Z With floating type For Rim 20 Inch 0Jekit Car Brake System 18Z With floating type For Rim 20 Inch 1Jekit Car Brake System 18Z With floating type For Rim 20 Inch 2

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