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18Z System Car Brake Disc With 355*32mm For Rim Wheel 18 Inch

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: JK18Z
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: factory direct price
Packaging Details: Box Size 45*45*45cm
Delivery Time: 5-8 days
Payment Terms: Western Union/Paypal, T/T
Supply Ability: 99 sets Every Month

Detail Information

Item Name: 18Z Brake Kit Caliper Pots: 6 Pots
Disc Size: 355*32/362*32/380*34mm Caliper Material: Aluminum
Fit Wheel: Rim 18/19/20/21 Inch Disc Material: Grey Cast Iron HT250
Center Cap Bracket: Aluminum Color: Red/Yellow/Custom Color
High Light:

18 Inch Rim Wheel Car Brake Disc


18Z System Car Brake Disc 355*32mm


355*32mm perforated brake discs

Product Description

Jekit Car Brake System 18Z With 355*32mm Hole Disc ForRim 18 Inch



Little knowledge of brake parts


Brake hose: The brake hoses of most street cars are made of plastic materials (such as rubber), which are more likely to leak oil and absorb water at the interface, and these tubes will be heated and compressed during high-strength braking. Expansion makes the brake pedal stroke longer and affects the pedal feel. The racing brake hose (brake steel hose) made of steel wire braid is not only heat-resistant, but also the strong steel wire layer can provide good protection, so that the possibility of the brake hose being punctured by foreign objects is greatly reduced. A retrofit worth investing in. You can buy special kits for most of the car models, and the professional Jekit modification company has the equipment to make tailor-made for rare car models.
Brake fluid: With high-temperature resistant "sports" brake pads, of course, matching brake fluid is needed. The highest standard of brake fluid commonly available on the market is DOT5. The dry boiling point of brake fluid that meets this standard is 260°C. When the temperature of the brake caliper piston is higher than this dry boiling point, part of the brake fluid will vaporize. When there is too much air in the hydraulic system, the stroke of the brake pedal will be lengthened. In severe cases, the brake pedal may not be able to stop the car even if the brake pedal is exhausted! In addition, the brake fluid is a highly "absorbent" substance, which seeps into the air. The boiling point of the water will decrease (the boiling point of water can be only 100°C). Take the common DOT4 brake fluid as an example, with a dry boiling point of 230°C. When 1% of water is infiltrated, the boiling point will drop to only 118°C! ! Therefore, if you like to show the performance of your car from time to time, you should change the brake oil frequently. Brake oil for pure competition (dry boiling point above 330℃) is not only expensive (about 600 yuan/liter), but also needs to be replaced and "emptied" more times (our team needs to be replaced after every practice). Unless you are ready to show your skills on the track, brake fluids above DOT4 should be able to meet the requirements of most fans.

Brake pads: The original brake pads have to take care of the requirements of cost, durability, cleanliness (brake powder) and low-temperature performance. Generally speaking, the friction coefficient (mu) is not very high (probably below 0.4), and it is too much. Withstanding temperatures exceeding 300°C, performance degradation will occur after repeated use. Therefore, the replacement of high-performance brake pads is the first step for us to modify the brake system. When choosing high-performance brake pads, be careful not to be greedy for large mu number and ultra-high temperature. Too high friction coefficient will make the braking action at slow speed become too sensitive. Every time you tap the brake pedal, the passengers on the car will turn on their backs. In addition, Brake discs will also reduce their life due to increased wear. The effect of high temperature resistant brake pads is actually not good at low temperatures. I suggest that ordinary car fans can buy "sports" brake pads with operating temperature between 0°C and 500°C and mu value above 0.4. It can handle it. The needs of most situations. It should be reminded that if some brake pads with high initial operating temperature are selected, car owners should be especially careful when driving in the morning, and pay more attention in winter.



Details table


Item Name JK18Z brake kit
Pots 6 pistons
Functional Characteristics Vortex in the form of rapid cooling ,improve 40% of the braking effect and brake friction performance.
Disc type J hook/Drilled/Grooved/Slot straight lines/custom disc type
Color Customized

Full set included

1 pair brake caliper/1 pair brake disc with center cap and bracket/1 pair brake line/1 set brake pads



reference picture


18Z System Car Brake Disc With 355*32mm For Rim Wheel 18 Inch 018Z System Car Brake Disc With 355*32mm For Rim Wheel 18 Inch 118Z System Car Brake Disc With 355*32mm For Rim Wheel 18 Inch 2

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