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CNC Aluminum Auto Brake Discs 380*28mm Center Bell Bracket For Porsche 991 Rear

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Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: 380*28mm
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Factory direct price
Packaging Details: 40*40*30cm
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,paypal
Supply Ability: 99set

Detail Information

Product Name: Auto Brake Disc Rotor Disc Material: Gray Cast Iron
Disc Size: 380*28mm Center Cap Material: CNC Aluminum
Bell Design: Non Floating Bell Wheel Size: Rim 20
Application: Car Brake Disc Design: J Hook Disc
High Light:

CNC Aluminum Auto Brake Discs


Porsche 991 Rear Auto Brake Discs

Product Description

Auto Brake Disc 380*28mm Center Bell Bracket For Porsche 991 Rear


How to select and refit the brake disc correctly

Suck is the awesome part of the whole braking system. The disc brake refers to the brake disc. The strength of the caliper determines what the brake system does, but if the brake disc is not strong enough, the whole braking system will receive very large impact and even dangerous conditions. The brake disc receives the pressure given by the caliper, and the pressure of the caliper is transmitted to the brake disc through the brake pad. The stress on the friction surface of the brake pad and the brake disc is the most direct manifestation of the braking effect. As we all know, friction generates heat, and the heat generated by friction under high pressure is even greater. The physical properties of any substance will change from stable to unstable after being transferred by heat. Then the heat dissipation, thermal conductivity and physical stability of the brake disc after heating determine whether the performance of the brake disc is good or not.


Secondly, the contact area between calipers, brake pads and brake discs also determines the braking effect, which is the most direct reason why excellent competitive brake discs are particularly large.


In addition, the material of the closing head of the brake disc, the material, function and strength of the screw all determine the excellence of the overall performance of the brake disc as a brake component.


Finally, the design of the overall braking system is also very important. The excellent wind conduction design, the front bar wind guide channel and the heat dissipation effect of the brake disc itself also determine the maximum reduction of the heat attenuation degree of the brake disc.


Auto Brake Disc Type



It is mainly divided into these types: solid disc, ventilation disc, punching disc, marking disc, floating disc and semi floating disc in function.


Solid disk is the most common one and the most used in the original factory. It has no internal air guide slot, no heat dissipation functions such as punching and scribing. The advantage is that it is relatively stable. Generally, it is normal wear and tear. It can be replaced regularly. The disadvantages are too heavy, poor heat dissipation effect, and so on


In fact, the mechanism of the ventilation plate is also very simple. On the basis of the solid plate, a hollow structure is added inside it to achieve better air passing performance and reduce weight.


Perforated disc, the function of perforated disc is a stronger heat dissipation effect. Higher intensity braking will lead to a sharp increase in the temperature of the brake disc, so more air flow is required for heat dissipation. The effect of ventilation disc alone can not be satisfied. Generally, when multi piston brake calipers are used, more efficient perforated ventilation disc is required.


The main function of marking in the marking disc is to scrape off and discharge the brake powder worn by the brake pad through the marking groove, so as to minimize the impact on the brake friction. At the same time, it can also meet certain heat dissipation and reduce weight.


Therefore, we can see a lot of punching and scribing discs on the market, with both punching and scribing. In fact, in my personal opinion, both punching and scribing can be selected as long as the correct data is selected, with similar functions.


Floating brake disc, the advantage of floating brake disc is that the vehicle produces a large amount of calorific value in the process of high-intensity braking, which makes the physical phenomenon of thermal expansion and cold contraction of the brake disc deform and affect the normal braking effect, which is also one of the main factors of heat attenuation. The floating brake disc is not directly locked with the central disc, but there is a small space between the floating screw and the disc. After locking, the disc surface and the central disc still have a gap and can shake left and right, but it can really fix the joint and disc. This design can solve the problem of overheating and shaking. However, in fact, to be honest, if you don't get off the track, don't drive at high speed and brake violently, the floating plate is basically useless for daily driving, and the price of a set of floating screws is not cheap, and the probability of abnormal noise generated by the floating plate for daily driving will be higher.


Product name Auto Brake Disc Bell 
Brake Disc Size 380*28mm
Bracket for caliper model For Ap8530
Center Cap Design Round Center cap
Disc Design J hook


CNC Aluminum Auto Brake Discs 380*28mm Center Bell Bracket For Porsche 991 Rear 0CNC Aluminum Auto Brake Discs 380*28mm Center Bell Bracket For Porsche 991 Rear 1CNC Aluminum Auto Brake Discs 380*28mm Center Bell Bracket For Porsche 991 Rear 2

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