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Cast Iron HT250 Auto Brake Discs 355x32 J HOOK Drilled Slot For Benz W205

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: JKDJH001
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pair
Price: Factory price
Packaging Details: 40*40*25cm
Delivery Time: 5-7 days
Payment Terms: Western Union,Paypal, T/T
Supply Ability: 600 sets Per Month

Detail Information

Item Name: J HOOK Disc Disc Size: 355x32mm
Disc Materials: Grey Cast Iron HT250 Fit Wheel: Front
Disc Style: J Hook/Drilled Slot For Car: Benz W205
Wheel Size: 18 Rims Weight: 15kg
High Light:

HT250 Auto Brake Discs


Auto Brake Discs 355x32


Benz W205 Brake Disc Rotors

Product Description

Cast Iron HT250 Brake Disc Rotors 355x32 J HOOK Auto Brake Disc


brake disc rotor concept


The brake disc, in short, is a round plate, which rotates when the car is moving. The brake caliper clamps the brake disc to produce braking force. When stepping on the brake, it clamps the brake disc to slow down or stop. The brake disc has good braking effect and is easier to maintain than the drum brake.


Material requirements


The brake disc is made of gray cast iron 250 standard in China, abbreviated as HT250, which is equivalent to American G3000 standard. The requirements for the three main elements of chemical composition are: C: 3.1 ∽ 3.4, Si: 1.9 ∽ 2.3, Mn: 0.6 ∽ 0.9. Mechanical property requirements: tensile strength > = 206mpa, flexural strength > = 1000MPa, deflection > = 5.1mm, hardness requirements: 187 ∽ 241hbs..




In English, the brake disc is usually represented by brake disc or brake rotors, and the brake drum is represented by brake drum. In addition, in the south of China, brake discs are also called brake discs and brake discs. In fact, they all refer to one thing.


How to maintain the brake disc


1. Protect the brake disc when washing the car

When preparing to wash the car, it is recommended to let the car cool down naturally, and then wash the car for maintenance. Generally speaking, with such hard materials as brake discs, how can car washing hurt the brake discs? In fact, in our daily brake use, the brake disc will generate a lot of heat due to vehicle deceleration friction, and the temperature will be very high. If you wash the car at this time and the brake disc has not had time to cool down, cold water will be sprayed on the brake disc. Thermal expansion and contraction will distort the steel brake disc, and serious cracks will appear.


2. Minimize brake disc wear

Although the loss of the brake disc is slower than that of the brake pad, the technicians in general car stores will only prompt to replace the brake pad and brake oil, but the brake disc will wear after a certain service mileage (reference, picture and inquiry). The surface of the brake disc is uneven or the thickness of the brake disc does not meet the standard, which will seriously affect the braking performance in the long run.


3. Avoid abnormal brake noise

Competitive level brake pads are suitable for long-term extreme high temperature conditions. Because of different material formulas and use conditions, it is normal to "hiss". However, attention should be paid to the "hissing" brake noise of ordinary civil vehicles. The owner shall pay attention to cleaning the brake pads and brake discs to reduce foreign matters entering the brake system, and replace the qualified brake pads.




You can tell when it’s time to check your brake rotorsby paying attention to your vehicle’s VIBE.

Vibrating Steering Wheel: When you feel the steering wheel vibrating or the brake pedal pulsating during braking, your brake rotors could be telling you that there’s trouble. The brake pads could be pressing against uneven rotors, leading to steering or braking that’s less than smooth.

Intermittent Screeching: A screeching noise could come from brake rotors that developed grooves.

Blue Color: If your brake rotors have a blue hue, it could mean they’ve been subjected to excessive heat.

Excessive Wear Over Time: Like other parts of your vehicle, brake rotors don’t last forever. Eventually, they’ll need to be resurfaced or replaced.


Brake Rotor Size 355*32mm
Disc Design J hook/Drilled Slot/Can be customized
Disc data PCD215.9*12/Locating ring edge 195mm
Disc Weight 7.5kg/pcs
Fit Caliper  Cp7040/Cp9040


Cast Iron HT250 Auto Brake Discs 355x32 J HOOK Drilled Slot For Benz W205 0Cast Iron HT250 Auto Brake Discs 355x32 J HOOK Drilled Slot For Benz W205 1Cast Iron HT250 Auto Brake Discs 355x32 J HOOK Drilled Slot For Benz W205 2

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