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Iron Material Car Brake Parts Anodizing Color For Bmw

Product Details:
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: bracket and bolts
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pair
Price: Factory direct price
Packaging Details: 20*8*8cm
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,paypal
Supply Ability: 999pair

Detail Information

Product Name: Bracket Crafts: Oxidation Coloring
Color: Customized Data: According To The Car Model
Material: Iron Product Inclouding: 1Pair Bracket 1Set Bolts
Bolts Type: 45mm/55mm/65mm/75mm Application: Car Brake Parts
High Light:

Iron Car Brake Parts


Bmw Car Brake Parts


Anodizing Brake Caliper Bracket

Product Description

Jekit Car Brake Parts Iron Material Bracket Anodizing Color For Bmw



Product description


Item Name Bracket
Material Iron
Color Custom oxidation color
Quality 100% Tested
Package Neutral Packing



Brake system
There are many ways to upgrade the brake system, such as replacing enlarged brake discs, multi-piston brake calipers and high-performance, high-temperature-resistant brake pads, you can also replace higher-grade brake fluid, or replace metal high-pressure brakes tubing. Another method is to replace the brake master cylinder with a larger specification to increase the auxiliary thrust of the brake pedal. As far as brake pads are concerned, they can be basically divided into two categories. One is for ordinary driving, with an operating temperature ranging from 50 degrees to 450 degrees; the other is dedicated to racing cars, with an operating temperature ranging from 250 degrees to 850 degrees. It is not suitable for use on ordinary roads, because it cannot exert the ideal braking effect before reaching the operating temperature, which is easy to cause danger.
You can't have both, comfort and handling are a formidable rival in their own right. One of the most important factors related to the stability of the vehicle at extreme speed is the suspension system of the vehicle. Most of the family car manufacturers on the market will use soft shock absorbers to obtain a more comfortable road feel under normal driving conditions. This kind of suspension should be enough to deal with general driving, but if it is used to deal with severe driving, it seems a little powerless, so the modification of the vehicle suspension system is also very important.

suspension system
The modification of the suspension system can be roughly divided into the replacement of shock absorbers, the reinforcement of suspension structure rods, and the installation of balance rods. Among them, the most influential and most modified project is the shock absorber. The modification of the shock absorber is actually to replace the shock absorber with harder damping, better quality and fully cooperate with the spring. It is very important to choose a suitable set of shock absorbers. It is especially difficult to make a compromise between comfort and handling. However, in a purely competitive racing car, everything is centered on handling. Shocks are undoubtedly more practical for modified cars.
Family car modification should be based on actual needs and make improvements as needed after clarifying the purpose, not just a single imitation. Whether it is to satisfy luxury or comfort, or to improve vehicle performance and make up for lack of functionality, attention must always be paid to ensuring vehicle safety, passability and environmental friendliness. Blind modification is not only no fun at all, but also dangerous.
engine power
The engine is to the car what the heart is to the human being. This is the most important part of the whole car. Although there are many ways to upgrade the power output of an engine, such as changing the air-fuel ratio, enlarging forged pistons, strengthening connecting rods, changing crankshafts, and changing high-performance spark plugs. However, the modification process is basically divided into improvement, exhaust, and ignition system modification.

air intake system
The air filter on the engine is to filter the air needed for the engine to run. This device is available on the gasoline engine. In the eyes of the car players, the air filter installed on the original car seems to have insufficient air intake. Therefore, car players have the practice of modifying the air intake system. The modified product is made of special chemical fiber. Its biggest advantage is that while filtering the air, it increases the air flow and flow rate entering the combustion chamber, so that the fuel burns more fully, the unit efficiency is higher, and the engine performance is improved. Naturally, the air filter used in the original car is a one-time product, while the high-flow original air filter or the mushroom head used for modification is made of high-quality materials, which can be cleaned and reused, which is more environmentally friendly.

exhaust system
After the engine does work, it will discharge exhaust gas, and the quality of the exhaust efficiency is directly related to the quality of the engine performance. The original car's design favors a smaller engine sound, which affects the speed of the exhaust and reduces engine efficiency. While the intake air is increased and the combustion is intact, the exhaust efficiency also needs to be enhanced. Now it is mostly changed to straight exhaust, that is, changing the middle and front sections of the exhaust system, removing the muffler and other purification devices, shortening the entire exhaust process, and the exhaust gas is discharged after simple treatment. After the improvement, the car will accelerate more quickly. The modified in-line barrel will release a deafening sound when accelerating, but the resonance should not be too large, otherwise it will increase the driver's fatigue and irritability when driving the vehicle for a long time.

Oil supply system
The optimal air-fuel ratio of the engine is 14.7:1, but if a higher engine output is required at high speed and high load, the air-fuel ratio should usually be increased to 12:1~13:1. The modification of the fuel supply system is to increase the fuel supply in an appropriate amount at the appropriate time, so that the air-fuel ratio can be appropriately increased. The timely and appropriate amount is also the basis for judging the quality of the fuel supply system. The modification of the injection fuel supply system can be divided into two categories: the modification of the hardware and the modification of the software. The purpose of the modification of the hardware is to increase the fuel supply per unit time. The main purpose of changing the software is to change its fuel supply program. Since the fuel supply program of the original car is based on the settings of exhaust gas control, fuel economy, operation stability, and durability of engine materials, the output performance of horsepower is often It is impossible to meet the needs of users who pay attention to performance. For example, the performance at high speed and high load, which is the most urgent demand of everyone, often presents the dilemma of insufficient fuel supply. At this time, it depends on the modification software to achieve.



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