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BMW Car Front Brake Disc 370*36mm Full Floating Rear Center Bell

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Product Name: Auto Brake Discs Brake Disc Diameter: 370mm
Disc Thickness: 36mm Center Bell Material: Aluminum 6061
Brake Disc Material: Grey Cast Iron Wheel Rim: Rim 20 Inch
Application: Auto Brake Disc Design: Drilled Slots
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BMW Car Front Brake Disc


370mm Front Brake Disc

Product Description

Car Front Brake Disc 370*36mm Full Floating Rea Center Bell For BMW


Maintenance of brake system

A car with good braking performance is required to reduce the speed or stop quickly and promptly within a short time and distance through braking measures when driving at any speed. Good braking efficiency plays an important role in improving the average speed of the car and ensuring driving safety. The main measures to improve braking efficiency are:
⑴ shorten the braking distance:
During the use of the brake, due to the wear of the brake shoe friction pad and the brake drum, the brake clearance will gradually increase. The increased reaction time of the braking system will cause slow braking and insufficient braking force, prolong the braking distance and reduce the braking efficiency.
When braking, the amount of friction generated by the brake also depends to a large extent on the contact area between the brake shoe and the brake drum. The increase in the contact area, the faster the braking force increase time, the higher the braking efficiency and the better the braking effect. The distance is shortened accordingly. Under normal circumstances, when a large friction force is generated, the contact area between the brake shoe and the brake drum should reach more than 80%. In use, after the clearance increases due to the wear of the brake, it must be checked and adjusted.
(2) To prevent the brake from running off the track:
When braking, the car automatically deviates from the original driving direction. This phenomenon is called braking deviation. Once the brake deviates, it is easy to cause serious accidents such as collision, falling into a ditch or even overturning. In order to improve the stability of braking and ensure driving safety, during emergency braking, the car is not allowed to have obvious deviation phenomenon.
The main reason for the brake deviation is that the braking force of the left and right wheels of the front wheel is not equal. When braking, a rotational moment around the center of gravity is formed, which makes the car tend to rotate, so it is prone to braking deviation. In order to avoid deviation, during use, attention should be paid to keep the left and right wheel brake clearance and the brake shoe return spring tension consistent.
When replacing the friction plate, the same model and batch of products should be selected, and the machining accuracy and contact surface should meet the requirements. And prevent the friction plate from hardened layer, stained with oil, the brake drum is out of round or grooved.
How to prevent the car from skidding
(1) Sideslip of the car when braking: When the car is driving, often due to braking, steering or other reasons, the car deviates from the original driving direction, causing lateral slippage or even overturning. Especially in emergency braking or sharp steering, the car sideslips and rolls over more seriously.
When the car is braking, there are two phenomena: front wheel side slip and rear wheel side slip. If the front wheel locks first, it is easy for the front wheel to slide sideways, deviate from the driving direction, and lose controllability at the same time. However, after the sideslip, there is a tendency to automatically resume straight driving, and the deviation angle from the driving direction is small, and the car is in a stable state. If the rear wheels are locked first, it is easy to cause the rear wheels to slide sideways. After the sideslips, the angle of deviation from the driving direction can be automatically increased, and the tendency of side sliding is accelerated, and the car is in an unstable state. Braking side-slip is very dangerous, especially the rear wheel side-slip, which can easily cause the car to roll over and hurt people.
①In use, side slip should be avoided as much as possible. Keep the brake technology in good condition, so that the front and rear wheels have reliable braking performance.
② In the road section with complex road shape and poor visibility, the speed of the vehicle should be controlled to reduce emergency braking and avoid side-slip or even rollover accidents, especially when driving on muddy and rainy residue roads, more careful driving is required. However, it is difficult to prevent the car from slipping due to changes in load and attachment conditions. When the rear wheel of the car slips, the steering wheel should be properly turned in the direction of the side of the rear wheel in time to eliminate the influence of centrifugal force, and the sideslip can be stopped.
③In the braking system of modern automobiles, some are equipped with an anti-lock braking device. When braking, the slip rate is controlled within the range of 10%-30%, and the maximum adhesion coefficient can be obtained, so that the wheels are in semi-lock. In the semi-rolling state, the adhesion is fully utilized to obtain the ideal braking effect. Tests have proved that a car equipped with an automatic anti-lock braking device not only has good anti-skid ability and steering performance during braking, but also shortens the braking distance and tire wear, which is beneficial to driving safety.
(2) The sideslip of the car when turning:
When the car is turning, the phenomenon of sideslip occurs from time to time. Generally, the ability of the car to resist sideslip and rollover is called steering stability. In order to improve the steering stability of the car, it is necessary to understand the factors that affect the sideslip and rollover when the car is turning, and the relationship between them. Therefore, according to the driving conditions, effective measures can be taken to ensure driving safety.
When the car turns, the car has a force called centrifugal force. Its size is related to the weight of the car, the speed of the vehicle when turning, and the turning radius. When a car turns on a flat road, the main cause of side slip is centrifugal force. For example, when the centrifugal force reaches the adhesion, the wheels begin to slide outward. So the conditions for sideslip are: centrifugal force equals adhesion.
The sideslip and rollover of the car when turning are mainly caused by centrifugal force. Therefore, minimizing the centrifugal force when turning is the primary factor to ensure driving safety. When turning, you must reduce the speed in time and pass in a low gear according to the road conditions. At the same time, the steering wheel should not be turned too violently, because the turning angle of the steering wheel is increased, which increases the possibility of sideslip and rollover. Especially in the case of sharp curves, poor visibility, wet roads and heavy vehicles, drive with caution to prevent accidents.
When turning sharply, the speed of the vehicle should be reduced in advance. It is very dangerous to rely solely on the brakes and turn while reducing the speed, because in this case, there is a braking force in addition to the centrifugal force, and the combined force of the two is easy to achieve. Adhesion, thus causing sideslip.
In addition, it is necessary to load reasonably, not only to master the loading height, but also to load smoothly and evenly, and to bundle firmly to avoid being biased to one side. Because the higher the car is loaded, the higher the center of gravity, the more likely it is to roll over when turning on roads with high adhesion coefficients or rough roads.
A series of special devices on the car used to make the outside world (mainly the road) exert a certain force on some parts of the car (mainly the wheels), so as to perform a certain degree of forced braking on it, which is collectively referred to as the braking system. Its function is: make the moving car decelerate or even stop according to the driver's request; make the parked car park stably under various road conditions (including on the slope); keep the speed of the car running downhill stability.
The only thing that can brake the car is the external force acting on the car and the direction is opposite to the driving direction of the car, and the magnitude of these external forces are random and uncontrollable, so a series of special devices must be installed on the car to achieve the above functions.




Product Name Auto brake discs
Brake Disc size 370*36mm
Disc Bell type Red normal
Fit For wheel rim 20 inch rim 
Quality high performance
Application Auto Brake 
pair included brake disc/disc bell/ bolts


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