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Iron Car Brake Discs Rotor 390*32mm For Nissan GTR R35 Rear Wheel

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Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: 39036
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Factory direct price
Packaging Details: 40*40*20cm
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
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Detail Information

Product Name: Auto Brake Discs Brake Disc Diameter: 390mm
Disc Thickness: 32mm Center Bell Material: Alloy
Brake Disc Material: Iron Wheel Rim: Rim 20 Inch
Application: Auto Brake Disc Design: Custom Disc Type
High Light:

390mm Iron Car Brake Discs


Nissan GTR R35 Car Brake Discs

Product Description

Auto Brake Discs Rotor 390*32mm For Nissan GTR R35 Rear Wheel


The brake is an important device in our car. If it is damaged, it will have a great potential safety hazard for our driving. Do you know to what extent the brake disc is worn and must be replaced?


To what extent is the brake disc worn and must be replaced?

The replacement standard of brake disc wear is about 2mm. If the brake disc wear exceeds this standard, replacement should be considered. Generally, check the brake disc every 60000 km. If it is found that the wear is severe, replace the brake disc as soon as possible to avoid safety problems.


What are the precautions for the brake disc?

1. Pay attention to reducing the wear of the brake disc. Although the wear of the brake disc is slower than that of the brake pad, the technicians of the general automobile repair shop will only prompt to replace the brake pad and brake oil, but the brake disc will wear after using a certain mileage. The brake disc surface is uneven or the brake disc thickness does not meet the standard, which will seriously affect the braking performance.


2. Pay attention to abnormal brake noise. Because the material formula is different and the use conditions are different, it is normal to have "hissing". However, ordinary civil vehicles should pay attention to the abnormal braking noise of "hissing". The owner shall pay attention to cleaning the brake pads and brake discs, reduce the entry of foreign matters into the brake system, and replace the qualified brake pads.



3. Pay attention to protect the brake disc when washing the car. When preparing to wash the car, it is recommended to cool naturally before washing the car for maintenance. Because in our daily brake use, due to the deceleration friction of the vehicle, the brake disc will produce a lot of heat and the temperature will be very high.


The brake can be replaced individually, and the most important thing is to replace it correctly. If all of them are used up, you can consider changing them. Normally, the first two can be replaced, the last two can be replaced, or the front and rear can be replaced. The automobile brake pads are usually replaced every 50000 km, and the brake shoes are inspected every 5000 km. Only the remaining thickness should be inspected, and the wear status of the shoes, the degree of wear on both sides, whether the sample is free, and whether the return is free should be inspected. If it is found that the brake shoes are normal, it must be handled immediately.


1. The brake shoe is generally composed of iron lining plate and friction material. It is necessary to replace the shoe when the friction material is worn out. The thickness of the new sheet is 14mm, and the ultimate thickness is 7mm, including 3mm, iron lining plate thickness, 4mm and friction material thickness. Some vehicles are equipped with brake shoe alarm function. Once the wear limit is reached, the instrument will give an alarm prompt to replace the shoe. When the service limit is reached, the shoe must be replaced. Even if it can be used for a period of time, the braking effect will be reduced and the driving safety will be affected.


2. When replacing, replace the original spare parts and provide brake pads. Only in this way can the brake pads and brake discs have the best braking effect and wear.


3.  when changing the shoe, the brake wheel cylinder must be pushed back with a special tool.  it can be pressed back with other crowbars, which will easily lead to bending of the guide screw of the brake caliper and jamming of the brake pad. 4.  after changing the shoe, be sure to step on several brakes to eliminate the gap between the shoe and the brake disc, resulting in no braking on the first foot, which is prone to accidents. 5. After the brake shoe is replaced, it needs to be run in for 200km to achieve the best braking effect. Drive carefully when the brake shoe is just replaced.




Product Name Auto brake discs
Brake Disc size 390*32mm
Disc Bell type Brembo Floating
Fit For wheel rim 20 inch rim 
Quality high performance
Application Auto Brake 
pair included brake disc/disc bell/Floating bolts


Iron Car Brake Discs Rotor 390*32mm For Nissan GTR R35 Rear Wheel 0Iron Car Brake Discs Rotor 390*32mm For Nissan GTR R35 Rear Wheel 1Iron Car Brake Discs Rotor 390*32mm For Nissan GTR R35 Rear Wheel 2


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