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Car Front Brake Parts 390*36mm Flower Disc Full Floating Center Bell

Product Details:
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: brake disc and bell
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Factory direct price
Packaging Details: 40*40*20cm
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,paypal
Supply Ability: 99set

Detail Information

Product Name: Flower Disc And Floating Bell And Floating Bolts Bell Color: Available
Disc Size: 390*36mm Bell Material: Aluminum 6061
Disc Material: Grey Cast Iron TH250 Fit For: 21''
Application: Car Brake Parts Type: Flower And Flower
High Light:

390x36mm Flower Disc


TH250 Car Front Brake Flower Disc


Cast Iron Auto Brake Discs

Product Description

Car Front Brake Parts 390*36mm Flower Disc Full Floating Center Bell



Product parameter


Product Name Car brake disc and bell
Disc size 390*36mm
Bell type Full Floating
Fit For 21 Inch Wheel
Quality 100% Tested
Application Auto Brake Part
Full set included 1 pair brake disc /1 pair bell / 1 set bolts



product description


There are disc brakes, drum brakes, and air brakes. Older cars have front and rear drums. Many cars have disc brakes both front and rear. Because disc brakes have better heat dissipation than drum brakes, they are not prone to thermal decay under high-speed braking, so their high-speed braking effect is good. But at low speed cold brakes, the braking effect is not as good as drum brakes. The price is more expensive than the drum brake. Therefore, many mid-to-high-end cars use full-disc brakes, while ordinary cars use front and rear drums, while trucks and buses that require relatively low speeds and require large braking power still use drum brakes.
Drum brakes are sealed and shaped like drums. There are also many brake pots in China. It turns when driving. Two curved or semicircular brake shoes are fixed inside the drum brake. When the brakes are stepped on, the two brake shoes are stretched out under the action of the brake wheel cylinder, supporting the brake shoes to rub against the inner wall of the brake drum to slow down or stop.

Material requirements
The material of the brake disc adopts my country's gray cast iron 250 standard, referred to as HT250, which is equivalent to the American G3000 standard. The requirements for the three main elements of the chemical composition are: C: 3.1∽3.4 Si: 1.9∽2.3 Mn: 0.6∽0.9. Mechanical performance requirements: tensile strength>=206MPa, bending strength>=1000MPa, deflection>=5.1mm, hardness requirements between: 187∽241HBS. .

In English, brake discs are usually represented by: BRAKE DISC or BRAKE ROTORS, and brake drums are represented by: BRAKE DRUM. In addition, brake discs are also called brake discs and brake discs in southern my country. In fact, they all refer to one thing.

Origin distribution
Brake discs are cast products. Due to the influence of climatic factors, the north is too cold and the south is too hot, so most of the production bases of brake discs are located in Shandong, Hebei, and Shanxi, especially in the brake disc industry in Laizhou and Longkou, Shandong. It was the first to start with many manufacturers.
Disc brake discs (discs) are divided into solid discs (single discs) and duct discs (double discs). The solid disc is easier for us to understand. To put it bluntly, it is solid. Vented Disc, as the name implies, has a ventilation effect. From the outside, it has many holes on the circumference that lead to the center of the circle, called air ducts. When the car is in motion, the air convection through the air duct can achieve the purpose of heat dissipation, which is much better than the solid heat dissipation effect. Most cars are front-drive, and the frequency meter of the front disc is worn out, so the front air duct disc and the rear solid disc (single disc) are used. Of course, there are also wind tunnels before and after, but the manufacturing cost is not too bad.
In addition, there is a disc that integrates HUB, ABS rings, assembly bolts, bearing skins, etc., which are generally called bearing discs and are used in larger vehicles such as trucks.
Drum brakes have a cast iron shaped like a tambourine, called a brake drum, which is fixed to the tire and rotates at the same speed. Disc brakes have better reactivity and stability, better heat dissipation, and easy replacement. Drum brakes are lower in cost and higher in absolute braking power, and are more commonly used on the rear wheels of small cars. But its abrasion rate is higher, so the overall cost is higher at the same time.



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Car Front Brake Parts 390*36mm Flower Disc Full Floating Center Bell 0Car Front Brake Parts 390*36mm Flower Disc Full Floating Center Bell 1Car Front Brake Parts 390*36mm Flower Disc Full Floating Center Bell 2

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