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Iron 250 Meterial Auto Brake Discs 355x28mm For Rim 18/19 Rear

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: 355x28
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: Factory price
Packaging Details: Box Size 45*45*45cm
Delivery Time: 7-10 days
Payment Terms: Western Union/Paypal, T/T
Supply Ability: 600sets per Month

Detail Information

Disc Size: 355x28 Fit Wheel: Rim 18/19
Disc Material: Grey Cast Iron HT250 Weight: 17kg
Type: Drill/groove/J Hook/dragon Slot Application: Car Brake Parts
High Light:

Iron 250 Auto Brake Discs


355x28mm Auto Brake Discs


Rim 18 Auto Brake Discs

Product Description



Jekit Car Iron 250 meterial Disc 355x28mm fit for rim18/19 rear


Item Name 355x28 disc
Logo custom
Material iron 250
Weight 17kg
Size 355x28
Disc type J hook/Drilled/Grooved/Slot straight lines/custom disc type
For Wheel size Rim 18/19 inch


What material is the car brake disc made of?
The brake disc is made of gray cast iron 250 standard in China. The requirements for the three main elements of chemical composition are: C: 3.1 ∽ 3.4, Si: 1.9 ∽ 2.3, Mn: 0.6 ∽ 0.9. Mechanical property requirements: tensile strength > = 206mpa, flexural strength > = 1000MPa, deflection > = 5.1mm, hardness requirements: 187 ∽ 241hbs..

There are disc brakes, drum brakes and air brakes. Many older cars have drum brakes at the front and back. Many cars have disc brakes at the front and rear. Because the heat dissipation of disc brake is better than that of drum brake, it is not easy to produce heat recession under high-speed braking, so its high-speed braking effect is good. However, in low-speed cold braking, the braking effect is not as good as drum braking. The price is more expensive than drum brake. Therefore, many medium and high-grade cars use full disc brake, while ordinary cars use front disc and rear drum, while trucks and buses with relatively low speed and large braking force still use drum brake.

Drum brake is sealed and shaped like a drum. There are many brake pots in China. It turns when driving. Two arc or semicircle brake shoes are fixed inside the drum brake. When stepping on the brake, the two brake shoes are stretched out under the action of the brake wheel cylinder, supporting the brake shoes and rubbing the inner wall of the brake drum to slow down or stop.

Advantages of disc brake:

1. The heat dissipation of disc brake is better than that of drum brake. When continuously stepping on the brake, it will not cause brake recession and brake failure.

2. The change of the size of the brake disc after heating does not increase the stroke of stepping on the brake pedal.

3. The disc brake system responds quickly and can do high-frequency braking action, so it is more in line with the requirements of ABS system.

4. Disc brake has no automatic braking effect of drum brake, so the braking force of left and right wheels is relatively average.

5. Due to the better drainage of the brake disc, the situation of poor braking caused by water or sediment can be reduced.

6. Compared with drum brake, disc brake has simple structure and easy maintenance.


The brake disc must be used for braking, and its braking force comes from the brake caliper. Generally speaking, the general brake caliper is fixed to the inner brake piston pump, and the outer side is a caliper structure. The inner brake pad is fixed to the piston pump, and the outer brake pad is fixed to the outer part of the caliper. The piston pushes the inner brake pad through the pressure from the brake oil pipe, At the same time, the caliper is pulled by the reaction force to make the outer brake pad inward. Both are pressed against the brake disc at the same time, and the braking force is generated through the friction between the brake disc and the inner and outer brake pads. In this process, the driving piston depends on the brake fluid, that is, hydraulic oil. This is assisted by the engine
For hand brake, the cable is used to forcibly pull the brake pads through a lever structure mechanism to make them compact with the brake disc, so as to generate braking force

Iron 250 Meterial Auto Brake Discs 355x28mm For Rim 18/19 Rear 0Iron 250 Meterial Auto Brake Discs 355x28mm For Rim 18/19 Rear 1

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