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1 Pot Dual Rear Caliper 9202 Tesla Matte Gray Logo Customized For Elfa Brake

Product Details:
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: 9202 & Tesla
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: factory direct price
Packaging Details: 45*45*45cm
Delivery Time: 5-8 work day
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,paypal
Supply Ability: 99

Detail Information

Product Name: Tesla Motor Position: 1 Pot
Fit Wheel Size: 16/17/18/19/20/21/22 Inch Calipers Color: Matte Gray
Caliper Material: Aluminum Pads Material: Carbon Metal
Pads Heat Resistance: 600°C Application: Auto Part
High Light:

1 Pot Dual Rear Caliper


Elfa Brake Dual Rear Caliper


Tesla Dual Rear Caliper

Product Description

Jekit Dual Caliper 9202 Tesla Matte Gray logo customized for Elfa rear brake



The main components of the disc brake system

Brake Discs If all four wheels are practical disc brakes, all four wheels will have a brake disc. The brake disc is a component that rotates with the wheel. It can prevent the tire from continuing to rotate and convert kinetic energy into heat.
The brake caliper is a component attached to the front and rear of the brake disc. There are single or multiple pistons in the brake caliper. When the brake pedal is stepped on, pressure is generated, forcing the brake fluid to push the piston, and then push the brake pad inward to clamp the brake disc. To achieve the effect of braking deceleration.
The brake shoe is a wear-resistant component that contacts the brake disc, and it is installed in the brake caliper. The pressure exerted by the brake pads on the brake disc is the key action to slow the car.
Brake oil pipes, the job of these oil pipes is to deliver brake fluid. When the brake pedal is stepped on, the brake fluid will flow through the pipeline to the brake calipers on each wheel and push the pistons in the calipers to clamp the brake discs.


How to enhance the braking effect?

Increase the radius of the brake disc
Since the braking force is equal to the force applied by the brake pads multiplied by the distance applied from the center of the wheel, in this case, increasing the distance from the center is a good thing. Therefore, many modified brake discs on the market have a larger radius than the original brake discs, so that larger brake discs can provide greater braking force.
Increase the piston area of ​​the caliper
This is the popular saying to replace a large caliper. Increasing the size of the piston in the caliper means that there are more areas to apply a specific pressure. If the pressure remains the same and the area increases, the force applied will also increase.
Increase tubing pressure
As the pipeline pressure increases, the braking force will increase. If you can increase the line pressure (for example, use a vacuum brake booster), you can indirectly optimize the braking effect.
Increase the friction coefficient of brake pads and brake discs
This is also the most popular method, you can change to some better material brake discs, such as ceramic brake discs. In addition, there is another way to change the brake pads with better materials. Both of these methods can increase the friction coefficient of the brake pads and brake discs.

How to reduce brake heat attenuation?
But as the braking effect increases, the thermal attenuation of the brake will increase, so we need to use other methods to reduce the attenuation of the braking performance! For example, replacing a larger brake disc to make the brake disc absorb heat better. In addition, ventilated brake discs or scribed perforated brake discs can greatly reduce the temperature of the brake discs during braking. There is also the possibility of replacing the brake cooling air intake duct, but for ordinary family cars, this is not recommended.



Product Form


Item name rear dual caliper
Color Matte Gray
Fit for rear car brake
Quality 100% Tested
Full set included 1 set 9202 brake kit /1 pair tesla caliper & pads



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1 Pot Dual Rear Caliper 9202 Tesla Matte Gray Logo Customized For Elfa Brake 01 Pot Dual Rear Caliper 9202 Tesla Matte Gray Logo Customized For Elfa Brake 11 Pot Dual Rear Caliper 9202 Tesla Matte Gray Logo Customized For Elfa Brake 2


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