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Upgrade CP8560 Rear Brake Caliper 380x28mm BMW 730 Car

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: 8560
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: Factory Price
Packaging Details: Box Size 45*45*45cm
Delivery Time: 5-7 days
Payment Terms: Western Union,Paypal, T/T
Supply Ability: 600 sets Per Month

Detail Information

Item Name: 4 Pots Caliper Brake Set Caliper Pots: Four Pot
Rotor Size: 380*28mm Caliper Material: Aluminum
Fit Wheel: Rear Rim Rotor Material: HT250 Grey Cast Iron
Color: Red Electric Machinery: Two Pot
High Light:

CP8560 Rear Brake Caliper


Rear Brake Caliper 380x28mm


BMW 730 dual caliper brakes

Product Description

Jekit Upgrade CP8560 Brake Caliper Rear 380x28mm For BMW 730 Car


- Benefits from a radical asymmetric design concept.
- Radial Mount, 195mm centres.
- Suits Ø400mm or 330mm x 28mm thick discs.
- Forged two piece Aluminium alloy body.
- Aluminium alloy pistons.
- Boot type dirt seals fitted.
- Advanced Red or Black anti-corrosion paint finish.
- Pad anti-rattle clip fitted.



The season of jitter and abnormal noise after installing new calipers


There are many reasons for jitter and abnormal noise, but the main reason is dynamic balance, which is also described in yesterday's article. We all know that dynamic balance is required when changing the tire and wheel hub, otherwise the vehicle may shake when driving at high speed, and the tire wear will be uneven over time. Finally, it will affect the overall performance or safety of the vehicle.


In addition to the tire and wheel hub, the brake disc also needs to be dynamically balanced. When the brake disc is installed with the joint (flange), no matter how it is installed, the original dynamic balance of the brake disc will be broken and needs to be dynamically balanced again. If dynamic balance is not done, when driving at high speed, the steering wheel jitter will be obviously felt, and this jitter is very easy to be ignored by car owners in the early stage, and it will be late when the jitter becomes more and more intense in the later stage.


Therefore, dynamic balance is very important. 1g uneven weight is enough to cause various problems of the vehicle in the later stage. However, the dynamic balance of many modified stores is qualified even if it reaches 10g, and strictly speaking, it needs to reach 0.5g. It was also said yesterday that not all stores will spend more than 100000 yuan to buy dynamic balancing machines. Without dynamic balancing machine, it is OK to install counterweight, but it must be done. Therefore, when installing the brake kit, we must find reliable and rigorous modification stores.

In addition, improper installation, incorrect bridge code position, non centering of caliper position and non grinding of shaft head will cause shaking and abnormal noise.


How to choose brake kit


First look at how a car is equipped with calipers, or start with the wheel hub size and et value;

The second is to determine the model and piston size according to the model. Take an Infiniti q50l with 19 inch wheels as an example. The owners of this car should know that the brakes of this car are relatively soft. There is no problem with installing AP cp8520 six pistons on 19 inch wheels, but another problem needs to be considered. The brake master cylinder of a car is only so large. If only 8520 is installed on the front wheels, the brake master cylinder can still cope with it, but according to the first six and the last four, Put on the soft front, it won't work at this time. Why? Because the brake master cylinder can't bear it, cp8521 should be considered at this time. Maybe many riders haven't heard of 8521. In fact, it has the same appearance as 8520. The difference is that the area of the piston is different, which is reduced from 62.5 square centimeters to 58.6 square centimeters, so the work of the master cylinder can be greatly reduced. In fact, this is a problem that our technicians need to consider, not the car owners, because I can't explain the algorithm. Many may be more judgments at the empirical level.


Caliper Name CP8560 Rear Dual Caliper System
Brake Disk 380*28mm
Aluminum Center Hub Flower Aluminum
Brake Caliper Bracket For CP8560
Brake pads 500 temperature/semi-metal 
Black Caliper Part Numbers: - RHT = CP8560-2S0BG
- LHT = CP8560-3S0BG.
- RHL = CP8560-4S0BG
- LHL = CP8560-5S0BG
Motor Caliper 2 piston 
Car Model BMW 730


Upgrade CP8560 Rear Brake Caliper 380x28mm BMW 730 Car 0Upgrade CP8560 Rear Brake Caliper 380x28mm BMW 730 Car 1Upgrade CP8560 Rear Brake Caliper 380x28mm BMW 730 Car 2

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