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Two Pot Machinery GT4 Electric Dual Rear Caliper 28mm Aluminum Alloy

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: GT4
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Factory Price
Packaging Details: Box Size 45*45*45cm
Delivery Time: 5-7 days
Payment Terms: Western Union,Paypal, T/T
Supply Ability: 600 sets Per Month

Detail Information

Item Name: Double Rear Caliper Pots Number: Four Pot
Electrical Machinery: Two Pot Rotor Diameter: 355/380mm
Caliper Material: AL Rotor Thickness: 28mm
Disc Material: HT250 Grey Cast Iron Color: Red Caliper
High Light:

GT4 Electric Dual Rear Caliper


Dual Rear Caliper 28mm


brake pads rotors and calipers

Product Description

Alloy Brake System GT4 Dual Rear Caliper Electric Machinery Caliper


Good Brake System


First, a good brake has little heat exhaustion. There are two ways to solve the brake failure caused by high brake temperature. One is to solve it from the material, and the other is to solve it from the heat dissipation. The perforated disc replaced by Xiaobian is optimized from the heat dissipation, and the replaced high-temperature brake pad is optimized from the material. If necessary, add a brake ventilation pipe, Forced cooling of brake calipers and discs.


Second, good brakes have good braking linearity. The braking linearity is closely related to the caliper structure. Most of the car types sold in the market are single piston structure. One side piston pushes the brake pad while the other side pulls the brake pad, while the opposite piston pushes the brake pad inward at the same time, so as to make the brake pad stress more uniform, Therefore, some car clubs have replaced the original single piston caliper with opposed two piston and four piston calipers in order to better brake linearity.


Third, a good brake has good wear resistance, and durability is also very important for the brake. How to modify the durability of the brake disc? The simplest way is to reduce the pressure of the brake pads and brake discs. Assuming that the braking force required for braking is certain, after changing the large-diameter brake disc, the pressure exerted by the brake pads will be reduced, and the braking system will not be so expensive. The longer the circumference of the large-diameter brake disc, the larger the utilization area of the disc, and the better the braking durability!


There are several points to pay attention to when refitting the street car brake system.


The first point is the number of pistons in the brake caliper. The opposed small six piston caliper is not necessarily better than the large four piston caliper. The piston needs brake oil to drive its work. The oil supply of the original brake master cylinder of our car is certain.


The more pistons, the greater the amount of oil required, and the more pistons pushed by the brake master cylinder, The terrible thing is that the power of your brake to the end is not 100%. Such brake modification will only bring disaster, so don't blindly pursue multi piston calipers when modifying the brake.


The second point is the distribution of front and rear braking force. Some people say that our car has changed the big four caliper suit in front and the original brake in the back, which will lead to excessive braking force in front and lock up. In fact, it is just the opposite.


For example, if the front and rear pistons need oil supply of 2:1 when braking with full force, the oil supply will become 4:2 when changing the big four piston caliper, that is to say, when the braking force of the front wheel reaches half, the braking force of the rear wheel has reached 100%.


Of course, this data is inaccurate, but in the actual process, The temperature of the rear wheel brake disc of a vehicle that only changes the front wheel brake will be much higher than before. The rear brake that didn't smoke before will now smoke. That's why there are front and rear brake force adjustment devices on the car. Therefore, Xiaobian's suggestion is that it is best to change the supporting scheme before and after changing the brake, such as the first four, the second two, the first six, the fourth, the first big four, the second small four, etc.



Full set brake included:

2pcs four piston calipers,

2pcs high-performance ceramic brake pads,

2pcs perforated discs,

2pcs Aluminunm center bell bracket for special vehicles,

2pcs of brake pipes (steel hose),

1 bottle of brake oil.



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