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Electric Machinery Aluminum Caliper Disc Brake For 18in Rear Rim Wheel

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: GT4
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Factory Price
Packaging Details: Box Size 45*45*45cm
Delivery Time: 5-7 days
Payment Terms: Western Union,Paypal, T/T
Supply Ability: 600 sets Per Month

Detail Information

Item Name: Dual Rear Caliper Caliper Pots: 4 Pot
Electrical Machinery: 2 Pot Rotor Size: 355x28mm
Caliper Material: Aluminum Fit Front Or Wheel: Rear Rim 18
Disc Material: Grey Cast Iron Color: Blue Caliper
High Light:

18In Wheel Caliper Disc Brake


4 Pot Caliper Disc Brake


18In dual caliper brake kit

Product Description

Jekit Aluminum Brake System 355*28mm Rotor Kit Back Dual Caliper


How to choose brake caliper fit for you 


1.The maximum braking force of the brake caliper and the front and rear distribution ratio of the braking force. The maximum braking force means how much braking force the front and rear wheels can obtain when the brake pedal is fully pressed, which is the main factor determining the braking effect. There is also the problem of the distribution ratio of the braking force between the front and rear wheels. After some exchanges, I found that most riders believe that the distribution of the braking force between the front and rear brakes is 50:50. In fact, this is completely wrong. Generally, after the pressure distribution through the master cylinder, the distribution of the braking force between the front and rear brakes is 80:20 or more biased towards the front wheels, so, This is why in most cases, the modified brake calipers are aimed at the front wheels. There are more upgrades than the rear wheels.


2. How to choose the brake calipers of street version and competitive version? Let's briefly talk about the differences between the two versions. In fact, generally speaking, there is little difference in terms of data and performance. However, considering the actual daily car use of individuals, there is a difference. Street brake calipers, in short, when the actual braking force is good, the manufacturer will consider a variety of comfort factors such as daily brake foot feel, linearity, dust, noise and so on. On the contrary, the competitive version basically ignores the comfort considerations mentioned above, focusing on the performance of the brake, shortening the pedal stroke, and the original intention of the design is to directly brake to the end. The second thing to consider is the brake pads and discs used with calipers. These two parts have been introduced in my previous articles, so I won't introduce them here. In short, if you drive more everyday, the street version will be better, the braking force is not bad, and other comfort is not bad. If you often drive hard, run mountains and get off the track, then competitive calipers are the right choice. Therefore, some car friends will ask why after I refit the brake, I make all kinds of abnormal noises, click when I step on the brake, and the squeaking and harsh friction sound after I step on the brake, as well as the "hit the mountain" braking effect. One foot is an emergency stop. These are common problems of competitive brake calipers.


3. Upgrade as needed. Don't blindly catch up. A considerable number of riders fell into a misunderstanding when refitting the brake system. They thought that the larger the number of brake caliper pistons, the better, and the larger the diameter of the brake disc. In order to be beautiful, we must fill the caliper brake disc in the whole wheel hub with no space. However, this idea is undesirable to some extent. The larger the size of the braking system, even if the caliper made of forged materials is too large, it will increase the unsprung weight, thus affecting the handling performance. The same is true for increasing the brake disc. Of course, if the conditions are good, you can directly consider the carbon ceramic composite brake disc and caliper set with high heat resistance and better lightweight effect.



4.In addition, we should reasonably consider and plan, how big the wheel hub of our car is, and whether the ET value meets the space for refitting large calipers, which are very important theoretical parameters. The 330mm brake disc is placed on the 17 inch wheel hub, and there is basically no problem with the four piston caliper. If you have to install a large six piston caliper, you should consider or even test whether it meets the space for installing a large six piston caliper. If you reluctantly put it in, the space in the wheel hub will be too full, which may also have an adverse impact on the heat dissipation of the brake system.



5. In addition, considering the weight of the car and the power output data is also a very important consideration for the upgrading of the braking system. In my personal opinion, for cars with body weight less than 1.5T and horsepower less than 250p, four piston or large four piston calipers, combined with a 330-350mm brake disc, the data performance of brake braking force is enough to meet the needs of daily and simple competitive driving. If the body weight is more than 2 tons and the horsepower is more than 300p or even greater, consider six piston or large six piston calipers with 380-400mm brake discs, which has far exceeded the demand for braking force for normal driving.



Item  Dual Rear Caliper
Caliper  1 pair GT4 and electric machinery
Brake Pads Material Semi-Metal
Brake disc  Material Iron Metal
Brakcet  Alloy
Brake line Material Steel hose/Rubber
Bracket bolts M12
Center cap bolts M6


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