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Modified System 8 Pot Brakes Car Accessories Cast Iron G3000 Brake Rotor Disc

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: RS8
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Factory direct price
Packaging Details: 40*40*40cm
Delivery Time: 5-7 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,paypal
Supply Ability: 600 set per month

Detail Information

Product Name: RS8pot Brakes Caliper Color: Black
Caliper Material: Aluminum Fitted Disc: 380x34mm
Application: Auto Brake Part Disc Material: Grey Cast Iron G3000
OEM Number: RS8 Craft: Cast
High Light:

Modified System 8 Pot Brakes


Car Accessories 8 Pot Brakes


Modified System G3000 Brake Rotor Disc

Product Description

Jekit Car Accessories Brake Disc Rotor 8 Pots Brakes Modified System


How to remove and install the brake caliper?


(1) Dismantle

① Loosen the wheel bolts.

② Raise the vehicle and remove the front wheel.

③ Loosen the brake hose connector,

④ Remove the two bolts fixing the brake caliper and steering knuckle, and remove the brake caliper from the brake disc.

⑤ Rotate the brake caliper to separate it from the brake hose connector, and immediately plug the hose connector to prevent the brake fluid from flowing out.


(2) Installation

① Install the brake caliper on the vehicle and tighten the fixing bolts to the specified torque.

② Install the brake hose to the brake caliper and tighten the connecting bolts to the specified torque.

③ Fill in new brake fluid and regularly bleed the brake lines.

④ Check the rotation resistance of the front disc brake.

⑤ Install the tire.


Replace the old brake pad

Remove the old brake pad and check the wear degree of the brake disc for groove and mess. If the brake disc is seriously worn (3mm deep on one side), it shall be replaced with a new brake disc with a cycle of 80000-120000 km, otherwise the wear of the newly replaced brake pad will be accelerated, the direction will shake during braking, and the braking force is too small.


Install the brake pads

When installing a new brake pad, the inside and outside shall be distinguished, and the friction surface of the brake pad shall face the brake disc to make the disc fit properly. Install the accessories and fasten the clamp body. Before tightening the tong body, use a tool (or special tool) to push the plug on the Tong back to facilitate the installation of the Tong in place. If the brake pad on the drum brake needs to be replaced, it is recommended to go to a professional maintenance factory for professional operation to avoid errors.



Good Brake Disc

In China's cast iron standards, HT250 standard is mainly used for brake discs, and G3000 standard is mainly used for brake discs in the United States (tensile strength is lower than HT250 and friction is slightly better than HT250). Generally, we think HT250 standard is equivalent to G3000 standard


Carbon C: determines the friction capacity.

Silicon Si: increase brake disc strength.

Mn: increase the hardness of brake disc.

Sulfur s: harmful substances, the less the better. It will reduce the plasticity and impact toughness of iron castings and reduce the safety performance.

Phosphorus o: harmful substances, the less the better. It will affect the solubility of carbon in cast iron and reduce the friction properties.


Most or all of the carbon in cast iron exists in the form of free flake graphite, mainly of "B" type. The riders must say, hey, I want higher friction. It's not better to put more carbon in it. When things reach the extreme, more materials in cast iron will cause a chain reaction. More carbon will make the brake disc brittle. At this time, silicon needs to be added to fill the strength. The proportion of these materials has strict requirements and fixed formula. You can't add them if you want to.



Complete Set Brake Kit
2x 8 Pots Brake Caliper 
2x drilled brake rotor

4x HP1000 brake lining

2x brake line
1x customized Alloy Center Cap Bracket


Modified System 8 Pot Brakes Car Accessories Cast Iron G3000 Brake Rotor Disc 0


Modified System 8 Pot Brakes Car Accessories Cast Iron G3000 Brake Rotor Disc 1

Modified System 8 Pot Brakes Car Accessories Cast Iron G3000 Brake Rotor Disc 2

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