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GT4 Drilled Brake Disc Kit 355x28mm

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jekit
Model Number: JKGT4
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: Factory Price
Packaging Details: 40*40*40cm
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,paypal
Supply Ability: 999set

Detail Information

Product Name: GT4 4 Pots Brake Kit Caliper Pots: Four Piston
Caliper Material: Aluminum Fitted Disc: 355x28mm
Disc Material: Cast Iron Caliper Color: Red Color
Disc Design: Drilled Center Bell Bracket: Aluminum
High Light:

GT4 Drilled Brake Disc


Drilled Brake Disc 355x28mm


GT4 Brake Disc Kit

Product Description

Jekit Red GT4 Caliper 355x28mm Hole Disc Kit For Toyota Supra


How to install caliper


(1) Dismantle
① Loosen the wheel bolts.
② Raise the vehicle and remove the front wheel.
③ Loosen the brake hose connector,
④ Remove the two bolts fixing the brake caliper and steering knuckle, and remove the brake caliper from the brake disc.
⑤ Rotate the brake caliper to separate it from the brake hose connector, and immediately plug the hose connector to prevent the brake fluid from flowing out.

(2) Installation
① Install the brake caliper on the vehicle and tighten the fixing bolts to the specified torque.
② Install the brake hose to the brake caliper and tighten the connecting bolts to the specified torque.
③ Fill in new brake fluid and regularly bleed the brake lines.
④ Check the rotation resistance of the front disc brake.
⑤ Install the tire.


The brake pad is a very important component. In daily maintenance, if the brake pad is found to be seriously worn, it needs to be replaced in time. The replacement brake pads are installed on the inside and outside of the upper plate in a relative way. The inside and outside of the brake pads of some models are the same, so there is no need to distinguish them; However, some brake pads can be divided into internal and external ones. There is an alarm pad on the inner pad, which should be installed on the inner side of the caliper in strict accordance with its internal and external pads, otherwise it will cause brake failure.


How to install brake pads

1. To replace and install the brake pad, lift the vehicle and remove the tire;
2. Remove the screws of the brake caliper, lift the brake caliper and remove the old brake pad;
3. Push the brake piston back in, install the new brake pads and clip them in directly. Pay attention to distinguish the inner and outer brake pads;
4. Install the brake caliper back, screw the caliper screw to the required torque, and then install the tire back;

Step on the brake several times after installation to eliminate the gap between the shoe and the brake disc and reset the slave cylinder piston. Check whether the brake oil pump works normally and confirm that it is correct, that is, the brake pad has been replaced. Generally, a new brake pad needs a running in period. Only after the running in period can it play its braking role better and more effectively.



Tips and Strategies for a Successful Brake Caliper Replacement

Whether this is your first time working on the brake system of your car, or you are already familiar with it, check these tips. They'll help you make a smoother repair job.


Never blow out dust when cleaning a brake assembly, it may contain asbestos. Use a brake parts cleaner.
When disassembling a wheel brake assembly, keep parts organized and use the opposite assembly as reference, in case you forget how to put things back together.

Replace the brake pads as well as the caliper if the thinnest side of the lining is as thick or thinner than the backing plate.
If you haven't replaced the brake hoses in the past 10 years, consider replacing them now. Old hoses begin to peel from the inside, block proper brake fluid flow, and may cause the caliper to seize.

Replace brake calipers in pairs (front or rear) if they have 100,000 miles or more of use. This will help maintain brake system quality performance.
Install new mounting hardware if possible - heat weakens hardware material after miles of work and may cause the new brake caliper and pads to rattle or squeal.

If your brake assembly configuration differs somehow from the one described here, consult the repair manual for your particular vehicle make and model.


If you want to replace the calipers, it's better to take it to a shop. You need to access the control valves inside the ABS module to bleed the brakes once the calipers are installed, so you need a scan tool. Hope this helps.


Complete Set Brake System


Brake caliper 1 pair

Brake disc 1 pair

Brake disc bell 1 pair

Brake bracket 1 pair

Brake hose 1 pair

Brake pad 4 pcs

Bracket bolts 4 pcs


GT4 Drilled Brake Disc Kit 355x28mm 0GT4 Drilled Brake Disc Kit 355x28mm 1




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